Classic Day – Trying Something New…


Instead of my usual review, I am going to post a link to what I was originally going to talk about. This album is older, released in 1982, but still impactful to this day. The Boston hardcore band SS DECONTROL and their hardcore musical masterpiece The Kids Will Have Their Say is going to rock the Earth, crush foundations, and destroy everything around you.

The band started recording for the record in 1981 and rather than mass-producing, The Kids Will Have Their Say only saw 1,000 printed copies. A true punk collectors item and a true sweet piece of material. Focusing on anti-establishment and the destructive nature of the government, SS DECONTROL quickly grew in my heart and created one of my new favorite records to date. Powerful, impacting, and rapid-fired, The Kids Will Have Their Say is ultimately a destructive wild-ride through the best twenty-minutes of your life.

The first draft of a line up consisted of Al Barile on guitar, David “SPRINGA” Spring on vocals, Jaime Sciarappa on bass, and Chris Foley on percussion. Changing their name from SS DECONTROL to more simply SSD, they released more records under this moniker before finally disbanding in November of 1985. An unfortunate end to what would be quoted as “The most important hardcore band to come out of New England.” – Scott Schinder

So check this stuff out, this is only a trial run and I will be going back to the old writing style but I figured we could see how this went. ENJOY AND KEEP ON STAYING PUNK!!!



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