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Misc. Day – A Killer Compilation

From the Hoosier state of Indiana in a welch of smoldering punk music fashion, the band Liquids is a destructive piece of mangled turnstiles that open with a noisy, new compilation album of past works in one complete, punch-drunk fashion. Hot Liqs Revenge is… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – A Killer Compilation”

New Music – Double The Excitement

Instead of writing my usual review of two albums, I instead wanted to share them upon the world as one is entirely new, coming out only less than three weeks ago. But the other has come out a little over half a year ago… Continue Reading “New Music – Double The Excitement”

Classic Day – Loose Bones

Eddie and The Subtitles, better known as The Subtitles, now have made a path for themselves throughout punk rock history as the Orange County band that shaped the “Eddie Empire,” where southern California reigned in the name. Comprised of bassist from Middle Class, Mike… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Loose Bones”

Classic Day – Trying Something New…

Instead of my usual review, I am going to post a link to what I was originally going to talk about. This album is older, released in 1982, but still impactful to this day. The Boston hardcore band SS DECONTROL and their hardcore musical… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Trying Something New…”

Classic Day – Grandfathers Of Punk

The Ramones, a group of New York garage-rockers that found their way into nearly every American and British teen’s brain. With blaring riffs and energetic style; The Ramones were a driving force in the music world, spanning a legendary 22-years and 14-studio albums that… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Grandfathers Of Punk”

Classic Day – My War

My War, the second studio record release coming from American punk rock band, Black Flag. Able to destroy the boundaries of tempo within their tracks and produce one of the heaviest-hitting sounds of an era; Black Flag was a forced to be reckoned with.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – My War”

Classic Day – Praise To The Sinners

Choking Victim is the New York hardcore punk/ska band that took a less serious approach to their lyrical style, but an intense approach to their music. Their music combines all the quick and rapid movements of hardcore music, the gentle swinging Caribbean sounds of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Praise To The Sinners”