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STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “A Primer Of Holy Words”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Introduction, Prayer To God, Spin The Circle Back, No Excuses, Fourth Of July, Paroled In ’54, Well Fed Fuck, Screaming At A Wall, Into The Void, Sweet Leaf, Black Sabbath, Lord Of This World, Don’t Let It Bring You… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “A Primer Of Holy Words””

Classic Day – Keep The Day Holy

The timeless, culture shocking self-titled record debut from Black Sabbath is an album that will forever live in infamy as its references to Satan, the overarching deathly sound that creeps behind it, and for spawning a wave of hell fire from everyone. It will… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Keep The Day Holy”

Classic Day – My War

My War, the second studio record release coming from American punk rock band, Black Flag. Able to destroy the boundaries of tempo within their tracks and produce one of the heaviest-hitting sounds of an era; Black Flag was a forced to be reckoned with.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – My War”

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