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STREAMING // (Track) Farragol – ” I LOVE YOU”

Listen Here – BandCamp Full Release On: April 4th, 2021

Classic Day – Six-Cylinder Pistol

Loaded is the fully running hit-machine created by The Velvet Underground, with bright smoke coming out of the subway on the cover, illustrating a contrast from the often dirty underground that they first embodied. This was their step away from the abstract thinking and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Six-Cylinder Pistol”

STREAMING // (Album) Navy Blue – “Gangway for Navy”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: MIKE

No Classic Day Tomorrow

I feel incredibly sick so those of you who were looking forward or wanted to hear some more of my opinion… I won’t be doing one…. But the schedule will resume on Friday with some juicy new hardcore… Sorry kids, but I feel like… Continue Reading “No Classic Day Tomorrow”


What a banging year for music, from both the new surprises, and old favorites; this has been one of the best years for music to come out and I can not be more excited for what 2017 will bring. Starting with my top ten… Continue Reading “TOP TEN LIST – BEST OF 2016 FOOLS”

Classic Day – My War

My War, the second studio record release coming from American punk rock band, Black Flag. Able to destroy the boundaries of tempo within their tracks and produce one of the heaviest-hitting sounds of an era; Black Flag was a forced to be reckoned with.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – My War”

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