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STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “Hightower”

Listen Here – BandCamp Recorded + Mixed By: James Whitten Mastered By: Adam Tucker Track List: The Mystery Of Contradictions, The Fool Who Thought He Was King, Death To The King And All His Loyal Subjects, Smoke Pigs, Get Me Out, Skinwalker, They Stretch Out… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “Hightower””

Misc. Day – Melted Wicker

Through the stained iris of Baton Rouge’s Thou and Los Angeles’ Emma Ruth Rundle, there is a real beauty to isolation. Their 2020 release May Our Chambers Be Full was one of the strongest releases of the year and came through to hold an… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Melted Wicker”

STREAMING // (Album) Emma Ruth Rundle X Thou – “The Helm Of Sorrow”

Listen Here – BandCamp Released On: Sacred Bones Records Track List: Orphan Limbs, Crone Dance, Recurrence, Hollywood

STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “A Primer Of Holy Words”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Introduction, Prayer To God, Spin The Circle Back, No Excuses, Fourth Of July, Paroled In ’54, Well Fed Fuck, Screaming At A Wall, Into The Void, Sweet Leaf, Black Sabbath, Lord Of This World, Don’t Let It Bring You… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “A Primer Of Holy Words””

STREAMING // (Track) Emma Ruth Rundle X Thou – “Ancestral Recall”

Listen Here – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Released On Sacred Bones Records

STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “Blessings Of The Highest Order”

Listen/Watch Here – BandCamp Track List: Blew, School, Stain, In Bloom, Territorial Pissings, Scentless Apprentice, Aneurysm, Floyd The Barber, Sifting, Milk It, I Hate Myself And I Want To Die, Dive, Even In His Youth, Endless, Nameless, Something In The Way, Where Did You Sleep… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Thou – “Blessings Of The Highest Order””

Misc. Day – As The Acid Burns

The crashing waves of sound that act as metallic overcoats are similar to the emotional punch that Thou has on the listener. Through their 2018 release Rhea Sylvia, agony is personified through their illustrative performance. As the cold, almost lifeless eyes begin to shift… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – As The Acid Burns”


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