Misc. Day – As The Acid Burns


The crashing waves of sound that act as metallic overcoats are similar to the emotional punch that Thou has on the listener. Through their 2018 release Rhea Sylvia, agony is personified through their illustrative performance. As the cold, almost lifeless eyes begin to shift and dwindle, Thou holds conference within despair.

Rhea Sylvia through the instrumentation and writing is a beautiful album. It forms methods that work within this sync of hellish, but still approachable sound. Even as the barriers seem to close in with “The Only Law”, truthfully the feedback and whispers that become screams are well balanced within. It only takes moments to notice the energy that Thou gives off through presentation alone. Under a veil of what would be perceived as a misery, “The Only Law” builds until a wall is standing high above the listener. It is then this sudden conflict within the band where the darkness truly shines through.

In a constant combative state, Thou seems to be a sluggish turn into the pale and unforgiving cold. They are perfect for any candlelit occasion where the mood is frequently present even through tone changes. First impressions are important and through the 30-minute piece, Rhea Sylvia is fascinating as it holds weight behind it. Hearing those first chords are crucial within the crushing blow that becomes “Restless River”. One of the more impactful tracks of Rhea Sylvia, the track is a folklore legend where the monster comes off the page into an adapted lifelike depiction. As Thou becomes a lumbering, but somehow gentle giant, they are miraculously fine-tuned. They show promise even on a record that is constantly littered with seemingly black water below.

Through the building-up and breaking-down of the simply illustrative flow that Thou has, the group is ultimately clean within a darkened surrounding. The lines are drawn in fine strokes that are shorter, sweeter, and are done in such a way that a tension is created behind them. Smoke rises and falls into the final track “The Lasting Dose” where Thou is prolific to the end.

Without a sense of slowed methodology, Rhea Sylvia finishes strong through a series of tough, but elegant play styles that reflect a broken background. With lines and cracks in the cement that draw dichotomous comparisons, Thou performs power moves within the workhorse of burden.

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