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Watch as the trap gets blessed by the presence of Smokepurpp, the prolific SoundCloud styled rapper that perfected the tenacity of loud and abrasive. He is a Chicago native but actually found prominence in Florida where he linked up with the other Soundcloud success story Lil Pump who reflect this explosive mantra of his newest work, Lost Planet.

The surprise on Lost Planet comes from the reshaping of Smokepurpp’s initial impact where Gunna joins him on the Tony Seltzer and A Lau produced track “Baguettes”. The track is actually fairly calm with a string set that is hidden behind a bumping 808 where Smokepurpp begins the chorus, describing “Amiri jeans hold the tech, that’s how I be stylin’. That lil bitch gimme that neck, take her on an island. A-A-AP with the baguettes, my wrist waterslidin’…” in this braggadocious first look inside the mind of Purpp.

Then as the enthusiastic and dynamic switch up follows with “repeat”, Smokepurpp becomes an animal of shit-talking proportion. Armed by Kenny Beats and Boys Noize production, that 808 is instantly recognizable as Smokepurpp fires off lines that bounce from “Pop a perc 10, I feel like swimmin’, I keep a tool in my hand like a dentist…” to a chorus where he describes, “Run through a bag every day of the week, I spent your house on my mo’fucking teeth. I just be poppin’ my shit, on repeat. I just be talkin’ my shit on repeat.” This mosh pit inducing sound is iconic for Purpp as it was one of the first factors that drew an audience to him. He feels raw and unpredictable, a person that is uncaged through the power of vernacular within the music and downright disrespectful production.

There are, however, a display of emotions that are not just strictly aggression from Purpp. He is accommodating to the more humanistic side where he explains on the track “Remember Me” that he can “[I] see the change in people too, I’m deeper than the way I move, so I’ve seen them coming.” It is the first time to recent recollection that the listener can discover this introspective delivery from Smokepurpp as he is often the chain-swinging, gun totting spitter. As the production begins to fade out, he is left alone singing “Feelings I won’t show any other, there’s people I know that don’t have any other. Wherever I go, they won’t see me again, remember my words, don’t remember my name.”

Lost Planet is this approachable precursor to the long-awaited DeadStar 2 that is still flying quietly on the radar for fans of Purpp. People know that it is out there, but the timing is perfect for Lost Planet. As a short collection of eight tracks, the flow of the music is there as a progressive push into the hopeful rise that comes as a future for Smokepurpp.

Listen To Lost Planet Here!!! – Soundcloud/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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