Misc. Day – A Killer Compilation


From the Hoosier state of Indiana in a welch of smoldering punk music fashion, the band Liquids is a destructive piece of mangled turnstiles that open with a noisy, new compilation album of past works in one complete, punch-drunk fashion. Hot Liqs Revenge is as quick as a speeding bullet with 20-tracks coming down the pipeline in 30-total minutes, a relentless but adventurous take on the formation, or rather lack of in aggressive music.

With a first bottle of explosives thrown, dousing the listener with “Shackled in Chains”. An influential riff and chord progression illustrates this exploding sense of sound that is covered by the lo-fi guitars, the rapid percussion and the shouts of lyrics that form over the entire mess. Hot Liqs Revenge is truly a record that combines the absolute best about Liquids as they stem from the mighty corn country.

With how fast they move in a crowd, the ability to smack the listener around with the always present idea of incoming attack, and the excitement of unpredictability; Liquids makes their compilation record feel brand new and for the first time. The way that it transitions, cuts out, and eventually becomes silent at certain moments shows the Do-It-Yourself attitude that is recognized fairly quickly.  However, there is a sudden change as Liquids moves to the pleasing and soothing sounds of “Wanna Throw Up (When I See Your Face)” or “Not Fun” that take the punk rock elements to a back burner and brake upon the consistent actions down to a slower, more melodic approach.

Doing these melodies and more vocal heavy tracks are a way to mix the depth and add some real substance to Hot Liqs Revenge where there is a need for some change. The ever-pressing threat of Liquids can be overpowering at some instances and the reprieve of easier going tracks create this barrier where the listener can catch their breath and start to draw life again.

With Hot Liqs Revenge, Liquids are quick and have the basement element about them. Their crushing stance that builds upon the aggression and violence of punk music, but then showcases a different light of carefree style is impressive. Hot Liqs Revengeis just what every person needs in their life, even if it is only for 30-minutes.

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