Classic Day – Rock N’ Roll Asshole


With one of the sleaziest, disgusting, but also most widely recognized punk rock icons in American history; GG Allin whether the public likes it or not, was a force to the foundation of mainstream punk music. While his career never saw anything past the underground, GG Allin and his bands, The Murder Junkies, The Jabbers, Antiseen, The Primates, The Texas Nazis, The Toilet Rockers, and the hundreds of other associated acts that GG Allin has some impact on were always a showcase of just how far the human condition could go through music.

As each of GG Allin’s concerts would reach a level of unseen destruction leading to his own blood poisoning, defecation, coprophagia (Eating feces), and even beating up his fans. GG Allin was the last of the real Rock N’ Roll corruptions who were able to ride on a wave of average punk music because of his stage antics. His compilation album, Hated In The Nation is proof of that as the backwards conduct of his stage speeches, the way that he has tracks that talk about molestation and rape, or his continual self-harm techniques; GG Allin makes music that hurts to physically listen to. It is unnerving and truly puts the listener into a trance to see the incredibly vivid and descriptive mind of a junkie, of a psycho, of someone who has no regard for the rules.

The last of a true outlaw, GG Allin has an interesting story behind his sound and the way that he would play gigs under different names, sneaking under the government’s nose in a search and destroy method. On Hated In The Nation, GG Allin is a star in his own right, receiving calls to open and play along side The Dead Kennedy’s and other punk bands of the time that were at that moment becoming on the height of surpassing the underground level. Of course with names of tracks that describe, “Ten Year Old Fuck”, “Needle Up My Cock”, “Sluts In The City” and “Eat My Diarrhea”, his lyrical content is almost childish as the crowd screams along in this punk rock wrecking force of a maniacal front man.

There are some moments where Hated In The Nation has some moments of substance with “Bite It You Scum” where there are the reciprocations of a solid punk idea that forms around GG Allin’s progressive thinking. The idea of creating the shock value into music and elaborating on horrendous and obligatory lyrics that cascade over the listener like a ball of hate on society. Allin was one of the more fascinating displays of music as he acted like a train wreck that was impossible to turn away from. He would challenge the status of just how much a crowd could take before they reflected some of the violence back on him, forming Allin into a bloodied pulp after just three songs.

Hated In The Nation is one of the first records that pushed GG Allin into the public eye after his shows would be shut down before they even start. He would have a city ignited in flames and knew how to get a reaction, which in some ways made his music more important than most like to give him credit for.

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