New Music – Double The Excitement


Instead of writing my usual review of two albums, I instead wanted to share them upon the world as one is entirely new, coming out only less than three weeks ago. But the other has come out a little over half a year ago and I would like to illuminate some attention to both of these projects. Both hardcore bands are from entirely different backgrounds as “Jesus Piece” is from Philadelphia (“Killadelphia”) as it is known in the hardcore underworld for being one of the stronger sides of hardcore music, and the contrasting “Skeleton” who is not even from the United States.

Hailing all the way from Kazakhstan, which is south of Russia and is located as its own republic in China. The band has just released their new Flexi 1 which I find to be utterly rooted in classic punk sound with a modern twist. That is also similar to the emotion behind Jesus Piece, both bands take a classic sound and contort it to fit a modern style. New Music – The Keyboard Kid is more along the lines of crushing hardcore that punishes the listener with destructive breakdowns, and thousand pound weights attached the percussion.

Skeleton however, is able to open with a technical metal side until unleashing the wonderful strums and percussion combination that cascades into some mosh pit inducing tempo changes that squish the track together, then rapidly pulls it apart.

Both records/EP’s/whatever you would want to call them/ are only a three track list and do not last a second over thirteen minutes, and I would strongly recommend everyone listen to them as it would be a disservice to the musical community to pass on these records.

Jesus Piece‘s Summer ’16 Promo is a free tape and Skeleton‘s Flexi 1 is only three dollars. Who knows, you might just find out some more about both of these bands in the future.

Listen to Summer ’16 Promo Here!!! – Bandcamp
Listen to Flexi 1 Here!!! – Bandcamp

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