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New Music – Indefinite Power

There is something fascinating about a New York narrator as he stands among the walls of a concrete jungle with iron horses and sounds of steel crunching around him. The grind of dusk hours to the smells of street life that erupt from the… Continue Reading “New Music – Indefinite Power”

Classic Day – The Winding Sheet

Debuting more as a funeral procession than any sort of live performance piece, Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged In New York was a deliberate posthumous release from the band that offered another side to the often biting riffs and snarls that accompanied their records previously. With… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Winding Sheet”

Misc. Day – Sponge In Design

Apart from having a name that brands like a child’s pool toy, Soakie is pretty badass in the way that they carry themselves. From the debut self-titled record with a bright, baby blue cover and some vintage dog-doll hybrid made in your nightmares; Soakie… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Sponge In Design”


Listen Here – Soundcloud

STREAMING // (Video) 22Gz – “Suburban PT. 2”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Directed By: CreativityQas  

New Music – Easing Out

Through the parallels that rap music strikes to a city, it is impossible not to draw two lines between New York City and this lo-fi styling of poetry that has sprung out of artists like Medhane, MIKE, Mavi, and Navy Blue. All artists that… Continue Reading “New Music – Easing Out”



New Music – Hieronymus Goliath

Under the broad spectrum of music that Kris Esfandiari has been a part of, contributed to, and inspired under is a decaying landscape of apparitional touches through industry and harsh hellscapes. As she adopts these piercing white eyes, something similar to Dracula’s Daughter and… Continue Reading “New Music – Hieronymus Goliath”

STREAMING // (Track) CENO NYC – “CENO MIX VOL. 67 – Fester’s Quest (Flag This Radio Takeover)”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

New Music – Uncut Jems

Before the end of 2019, Your Old Droog throws his Kippah into the ring with a less than traditional sound to the newest, 12-track collection of sparked orthodox power. Jewelry is the 35-minute long span that has a solid gold cast of features and… Continue Reading “New Music – Uncut Jems”

New Music – Who Running This?

After a steady release schedule of induvial projects, Griselda Records tries their hand at combining forces like some trinity of Mac-10s and diamond chains. The three ringleaders spawn as Conway The Machine, Westside Gunn, and Benny The Butcher who are able to meet like… Continue Reading “New Music – Who Running This?”

New Music – Maintaining Stride

One of the more promising acts to come from the New York underground is the work of Medhane who covers his own territory on his newest project Own Pace. Somehow managing to be consciously aware and hold a physically sleepy demeanor, Medhane orchestrates a… Continue Reading “New Music – Maintaining Stride”

New Music – Mac-10 History Book

It’s hard not to be impressed by Griselda Records and their seemingly unstoppable arrangement of releases under the championship styled belt. From Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, and Westside Gunn, there is an immense amount of talent and future behind the label and… Continue Reading “New Music – Mac-10 History Book”

New Music – A Fly Goon

“I ain’t bring New York back, I put Buffalo in the front,” describes the lyrical Tyson, Conway The Machine in a heavyweight match against himself on his newest record Look What I Became. Whether you like or dislike Griselda Records, A level of respect… Continue Reading “New Music – A Fly Goon”

New Music – Onyx Hands

Four tracks through a mountainous climb that tests the mind, agility, and beat-producing coming from Sporting Life where nothing lasts but the conscious of a sprawling landscape. As Black Diamond recruits feature verses and works from other surrounding artists, Sporting Life combines the love… Continue Reading “New Music – Onyx Hands”

New Music – Leaned-Out Buffalo

“Too many niggas starving in they raps, better get a job, sell crack,” begins the Buffalo bruiser Camoflauge Monk on his 2019 release, Last Real Nigguh 2. As if it was the best-kept secret of rap, Monk has a sound that no others can… Continue Reading “New Music – Leaned-Out Buffalo”

Misc. Day – Tiresome Railways

Take the Q line, or maybe the D, perhaps taking the F, whatever picks up the masses and transports them in NYC; Your Old Droog will be happy to accompany. His newest record Transportation is a cascading flow of jazz and sporadic instrumentation that… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Tiresome Railways”

Misc. Day – CPU Assassins

“Is your CPU trying to kill you?” describes the cover of L.O.T.I.O.N.’s 2019 release World Wide W.E.B. Coming directly from the bowels of New York City as the masterminds of design to brutality behind sound, the punk roots mix with industrial assault to form… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – CPU Assassins”

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