Misc. Day – Closed Fist Chronicles


Whether eating rocks or grenades, 80HD from New York has quickly risen to be one of the personal favorites for being a beatdown of sonic collection. Starting with a closed fist and stage dive into the unsuspecting crowd, DEMO 2021 spends more time being talked about as an introduction than the record spends being heard.

Only lasting about six-and-a-half minutes, DEMO 2021 begins like any good hardcore demo, with raging feedback and percussion that resembles more of a carpet bombing than any sensible style. Once the hoarse vocals are heard, all hell breaks loose for 80HD.

The self-titled opening track, “80HD” is simple in design, but intricate in the playstyle, and while harsh throughout 99% of the mix, 80HD has some undeniable talent behind the walls of sound.

Especially when highlighting the percussion and the way that the marching powder can keep the band together through an atom bomb of rushed delivery. While lyrics are nearly impossible to make out among the waves and tidal crashing through DEMO 2021, the following track, “Violence, Waiting For You” doesn’t need them. The raw emotion that the band holds at each shout, note, and explosion is more than what most bands can capture in an entire discography.

80HD is incredibly fast, almost unforgiving, but uses pieces like “Severed Freedom” to slow the mix into this sluggish, but still hammering performance. Still shouted well over the instrumentation, 80HD takes this time to dedicate much of the space to highlight the string work in these ballad senses. The band as a whole is easier to follow and gives the audience this reprieve almost unseen previously.

That of course disappears as soon as “Look Out!” hits and the concrete sledgehammers come back onto the audience’s ears once again. Also the shortest of all the tracks on DEMO 2021, “Look Out!” demands the attention for a clamoring kerosene delivery and then dissipates like smooth aftermath of nuclear destruction.

So as time paces back and forth, the metaphorical doomsday clock continues to count down and while nothing stays the same; one monument etches into stone to be hopefully discovered by the next generation of supermen and women of Earth. We as a society can only pray to whatever merciless god there is; that 80HD survives the inevitable dismantling of mankind.

Listen To DEMO 2021 Here!!! – BandCamp

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