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Classic Day – Fantastic Voyage

Lyrically dense and nearly impossible to digest on a single spin, Fantastic Damage by the New York MC El-P is enough to push backpack hip-hop into a mantlepiece. The fire burns brightly, but through the 16 tracks and over an hour of content, this… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Fantastic Voyage”

Misc. Day – It Is Wickedness?

While it has been nearly three years since the original release of Kendrick Lamar’s 2017 record DAMN., the Compton King is able to add a more relevant message as the days pass in America that speaks on both community and individual unification. This coalition… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – It Is Wickedness?”

Misc. Day – Hear The Horror            

Through the frantic radio static and horrendous sampling that leads to the descent into madness; Gost is more than a satanic apparition. Gost is the musical embodiment of mental anguish and spiritual murder. Shown well in the 2018 release Possessor, Gost is a feverish dream of sampling,… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Hear The Horror            “

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