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Classic Day – Everybody Eats

Over the years and through the magic of the internet, records that would never grace the ears of many listeners are given a new format to be digested, studied, and finally replicated for a new generation to hear. With From Filthy Tongue Of Gods… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Everybody Eats”

Classic Day – King Of Exotica

While film scores are not something that often even grace the record player personally, there is something that is both fascinating and somehow reminiscent of the styles from Les Baxter and his adaptation of the genre, Exotica. While orchestral, his 1951 release Ritual Of… Continue Reading “Classic Day – King Of Exotica”

Classic Day – Emaciated Paws

More unique for the vocal outlet and sound in addition to the more grotesque styles of instrumentation, the Dead Kennedys 1982 record Plastic Surgery Disasters takes nearly 43 minutes of explosive but sequenced suicide-bombings through speakers. Like a rabid dog with a freshly killed… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Emaciated Paws”

Classic Day – Glory Be To God

When discussing the marble monuments that make the foundations of hip-hop and the true visionaries of the genre, Finally Rich from Chief Keef takes a view from a Chicagoan 17-year-old who resembles a hustler’s spirit and rises to walls of plaques. Opening with one… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Glory Be To God”

Classic Day – De-Humanizer

Well on their way into being the trailblazers of the 1980s, DEVO could attach themselves as the band of both the future that is encapsulated by the past. With glistening synths and catchy production, Freedom Of Choice is a monster for jumping into becoming… Continue Reading “Classic Day – De-Humanizer”

Classic Day – Spoonful Of Sugar

Even though it was released in 2021, the original recordings from Vitamin took place in 1981. The cleverly named record, Recordings 1981 is a 13 track mix of four studio tracks and nine tracks of live ensemble pieces. The early DEVO-esque proto-sound is intriguing… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Spoonful Of Sugar”

Classic Day – No Fun

The love language that appears on Faith No More’s King For A Day… Fool For A Lifetime is more fitting to putting 10 different records into a playlist and setting that playlist on shuffle each time you reappear. While Faith No More on their… Continue Reading “Classic Day – No Fun”

Classic Day – Like You Used To

Surprise drops for records and tracks are a trend of most modern-day artists who have the willpower and fanbase to use the internet to their advantage, Alice In Chains with their 1992 EP Sap did something similar, but instead used little to no marketing… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Like You Used To”

Classic Day – Bound By Skin

Capturing in essence, one of the most layered and detailed albums of 1990 as an era in only 500 words or less could take months of planning and missteps. This is essentially, why approaching Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins took all this time… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bound By Skin”

Classic Day – Wishing Away

Comprised of mostly what makes the brain tick away, (The) Melvins are most likely the loudest band in attendance for the world. Usually recording at what appears to be constantly in the red, their 1994 release Stoner Witch is as enthralling as it is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Wishing Away”

Classic Day – A Bleak Existence

Filth by Swans takes time to love, the first moments spent with the record are watched in pure horror and disgust as the muddy production and underlying hardcore elements feel more related to something present day than originally released in 1983. From the crooked… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Bleak Existence”

Classic Day – Taxi Driver

Stomping through the streets in hotpants and silk stockings, the smell of cigarettes and overflow from afternoon bars collide with the infectious sounds of what New York City in the 1970s would encapsulate. Businessmen walking side-by-side to the glam of street hustlers that resides… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Taxi Driver”

Classic Day – Ashes To Dust

In this spacious demise known as a soul, Have A Nice Life is an embodiment of that dying light that seems to flicker against the drawing blinds. A light reflected in their 2008 record, Deathconsciousness which combines the vast with the gentle, an embrace… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Ashes To Dust”

Classic Day – This Is The Way

It has to be, that there is a sound where Pale Saints could achieve something spectacular on their debut release, The Comforts Of Madness. The percussion and lucid guitar is something that on its own, can be manipulated to orchestrate this dream state. Opening… Continue Reading “Classic Day – This Is The Way”

Classic Day – Need To Find A

Clear Spot is the seventh musical venture coming from Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band and through the carnival of sounds that the band often adopts, Clear Spot is an approachable deer in a glistening field of potential. With the likes of Frank Zappa… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Need To Find A”

Classic Day – Once More Round The Soil

In this game of death and understanding, High On Fire are one of those bands that can successfully make sacrifices in the name of sonic religion. On Death Is This Communion, the effigy of human skin tears away and becomes etched through leather-bound books… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Once More Round The Soil”

Classic Day – Terror Squad Rep

Off sheer size alone, Big Pun had a terrifying presence to him. The rapper that gave Biggie a blow for blow comparison, Pun was quick to make his debut record one of the strongest displays of vocal delivery and breath control. Capital Punishment is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Terror Squad Rep”

Classic Day – Great Big Heads

While the personal favorite still reigns as Stop Making Sense from the Talking Heads, much of that record’s performance and show material comes from their commercial breakthrough Speaking In Tongues. A step away from the Brian Eno produced hands, the self-produced Speaking In Tongues… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Great Big Heads”

Classic Day – Ain’t It Hard

Far before the Greenwich legend, Bob Dylan would have her cover his work, Odetta was a powerhouse of epic proportions in 1962 with her record Odetta And The Blues. Similar to Albert King, everyone experiences the blues, but few could portray them so well… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Ain’t It Hard”

Classic Day – A Real Live Wire

There is always something immediately captivating about hearing live versions of some of the strongest guitar work ever recorded to wax. Albert King’s June 1968 recorded album at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco gives vitality to the Live Wire/Blues Power definition. While The… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Real Live Wire”

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