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Classic Day – Willing To Die

It seems almost disingenuous to take this long to talk about Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 from Jeezy. The major-label debut and third studio record, Jeezy is ambitious enough to captivate an audience and also hard enough to inflect fear amongst a crowd.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Willing To Die”

Classic Day – Secret Spy Network

One last compilation before the yellow brick road soaks to piss, Give me Convenience Or Give Me Death by the Dead Kennedys takes 17 tracks of some reworks and renditions of old favorites as one approachable medium. Also being Jello Biafra’s last approved record… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Secret Spy Network”

Classic Day – Magnum Opus

Speaking in forms of technical zeniths and creativity spurts, Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs from Derek And The Dominos becomes more significantly historic as time marches on. The secretive side project stemming from Eric Clapton; wanting to escape the fame of his previous… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Magnum Opus”

Classic Day – Turn The Page

What happens when mixing (The) Melvins, Faith No More, Slayer, and Mr. Bungle? The combination would probably sound something like a hellscape of harsh cutting noise and fiery instrumental prowess. Fantômas is that answer and with their self-titled debut record released in 1999, gives… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Turn The Page”

Classic Day – Bury In The Desert

The term best album of the decade gets thrown into the conversation pit seemingly every day, whether music was better before the eclipse of 2000 or if somehow innovation stopped January 1st, 2000. In many ways, Heaven Or Las Vegas from Cocteau Twins is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Bury In The Desert”

Classic Day – Conductor Weldon

Jazz fusion has always held a special place in the personal heart, especially for records that were covered in a thick layer of untouched dust for years. Pieces like The Sisters coming from Weldon Irvine are glorious and have a nature to satisfy the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Conductor Weldon”

Classic Day – You Make Me

Difficult to place within a fragment of time, Richard Hell of Richard Hell & The Voidoids seemed to be a band that a fictional movie would craft as the new lifeline for an incoming youthful sound. Only in the days of pictures and realistic… Continue Reading “Classic Day – You Make Me”

Classic Day – Die Beside Me

Hailing from the sludge-filled swamps of Acid Bath in New Orleans, Dax Riggs was the frontman and main screamer before moving into releasing works under his own name. His first record release, We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love is a testament to his… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Die Beside Me”

Classic Day – TV EYE

Before the desperados of punk rock were able to become themselves, Songs The Lord Taught Us takes some inspiration from the Link Wray’s and the early surf foundations to become the beauty that was the black roses known as The Cramps. Never taking a… Continue Reading “Classic Day – TV EYE”

Classic Day – Third Time Charm

Coming out as the third studio release from Harlem’s own Cam’ron, Come Home With Me still continues to be his most successful commercial record and embeds itself among the 2000 Mount Rushmore of sound. Opening with the simply titled “Intro,” Come Home With Me… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Third Time Charm”

Classic Day – Dinner Time

Fairly impossible to classify, Ege Bamyasi from CAN has elements of noise, progressive rock, and funk all sequestered into one, well… one can full. The seven-track record is the third installment from CAN, but the experimentation and willingness to secede from general straightforward playstyles… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Dinner Time”

Classic Day – Rebuild The Cracked: Part Two

12 tracks later, disc two of The Fragile opens to a sprawling urban landscape that is triumphant but still has a twisted foundation to stand upon. As what appears to be miles and miles of coiled wires, shattered earth, and cracked pavement; Nine Inch… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Rebuild The Cracked: Part Two”

Classic Day – Shatter To Pieces: Part One

Rarely do double albums hold the attention quite like Nine Inch Nails on The Fragile. The sleek giant coming directly after the 1994 masterpiece The Downward Spiral, 1999’s the Fragile is a corrupted and depraved devotion of sound, but for entirely different reasons than… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Shatter To Pieces: Part One”

Classic Day – Left-field Of Sunshine

Toro Y Moi quickly made acclaim of sound to the ears with blissful instrumentation on the 2013 record, Anything In Return. But flipping that page backward to 2011 reveals Underneath The Pine that orchestrates the focus from Toro Y Moi’s progression as an artist… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Left-field Of Sunshine”

Classic Day – Mountains Of Ice

On the cusp of a new millennium, Sigur Rós captures the essence of both the isolative factor of being completely alone in a crowd and being encapsulated by awe-inspiring views of the tips of the Northern Hemisphere. As sunlight seems to drown out and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Mountains Of Ice”

Classic Day – Hunker Down

Elements of freeform jazz and ambiance might not be a groundbreaking combination in 2021, but in 1996; Japan’s own Fishmans were able to construct a single track to highlight being trapped in both the murky sewers or the smokey nightclubs. Rotating on a swivel… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Hunker Down”

Classic Day – 25 Don’t Feel So Old

While Outkast might be primarily known for this wig-rocking anthem ”Hey Ya!” that essentially captured a generation by storm, but truthfully the Southern sounds come from a place of deeper understanding with two minds becoming better than one. The Southern Playas open their second… Continue Reading “Classic Day – 25 Don’t Feel So Old”

Classic Day – Constructed To Weep

As a new decade of neon and bright flashing lights appeared in the 1980s, Bauhaus instead opts to confide in the shivering mausoleum walls of sound with their studio debut, In The Flat Field. First recognized by the gothic overtures and album cover that… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Constructed To Weep”

Classic Day – Melt With Me

Making a monument from sonic prowess isn’t something that comes naturally, and under that immense tension becomes Love on their third, and final original line-up release of Forever Changes. Originally released in 1967, Love was a leader in the psychedelic age for creating and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Melt With Me”

Misc. Day – The Iron Lung

Remember how terrifying the synthesizer work of the 80s was in horror films? Remember that creeping but subtle blast off of sound where tensions were high and almost unstable. Now imagine if GAG, a band from Olympia, Washington that instead of subtle creeping are… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Iron Lung”

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