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Classic Day – Willing To Die

It seems almost disingenuous to take this long to talk about Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 from Jeezy. The major-label debut and third studio record, Jeezy is ambitious enough to captivate an audience and also hard enough to inflect fear amongst a crowd.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Willing To Die”

Classic Day – TV EYE

Before the desperados of punk rock were able to become themselves, Songs The Lord Taught Us takes some inspiration from the Link Wray’s and the early surf foundations to become the beauty that was the black roses known as The Cramps. Never taking a… Continue Reading “Classic Day – TV EYE”

Classic Day – Living In The Aftermath

The 1980’s were a hair-raising, genre-blending smash of what would become a multi-layered cake of rock music. From the glam and hair rock genres that were starting to capture the mainstream, bands like Jerry’s Kids were taking the fight to the background with Is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Living In The Aftermath”

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