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Classic Day – Con Artists

Crappin’ You Negative is the third studio album by the indie-rock sensation, Grifters. The lo-fi, Memphis, Tennessee band with an everlasting and inspiring sound that helped make waves in the music community, even if the waves were more underground. Grifters is a four-piece that… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Con Artists”

Classic Day – New York Platinum

Nas, the ever-prolific, verbal “Assassin” drags the listener in to the gritty New York Streets and shows them the ropes of what an average day would be like in the concrete jungle. The disgusting people, the seedy underbelly of a world of crime, but… Continue Reading “Classic Day – New York Platinum”

Classic Day – Banned Brains

Bad Brains, the album that is better known to the public as “Banned in D.C.” will be the album that sparks a punk revolution. Bad Brains was a legendary group that seamlessly blended both raw aggression and slowed reggae to spread peace, love, and… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Banned Brains”

Classic Day – Criminal Through Time

In 1974, an instant classic was released upon the public, an album showcasing both innovative instrumentation, fascinating harmonies between singers, and performances Crime of The Century was a record that just simply rocketed Supertramp into becoming recognized for what immensely talented musicians they were.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Criminal Through Time”

Classic Day – Death By The Keys

Head Hunters is the golden standard for outstanding musical composition and flow in jazz music. To say that Herbie Hancock is one of the greats would be a disservice to him and to this testament to the music world. Head Hunters is not only… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Death By The Keys”

Classic Day – Lennon Live

New York City, a popular metropolis that was the epicenter of entertainment in America during the 1980’s. The gritty city that had so much talent at one time, that it was near impossible to keep up with. John Lennon’s Live In New York City is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Lennon Live”

Classic Day – Long Beach Legends

What can be said about Sublime that has not been said already? Sublime is the premiere Long Beach Californian band that stretched the limits of music, extending their tendrils into so many different genres while still being able to find success every single time.… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Long Beach Legends”

Classic Day – The Shadow-Box Champions

Enter The 36 Chambers is one of, if not the most well known hip-hop album to date. It is still recognized for the hard spitting members dropping bar after bar, the instrumentals bringing what spawned the classic East-Coast Sound, and an interesting speedway to… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Shadow-Box Champions”

Classic Day -Straight From The Underground

Police sirens, gunshots, and the sounds of violence echoed through the streets of Los Angeles. There were no voices heard, no uprisings, and this was how things were run, until Niggaz With Attitudes, better known as N.W.A come along to stand up to the… Continue Reading “Classic Day -Straight From The Underground”

Classic Day – Meat The Innovation

The Smiths, the legendary British Indie Pop Rock group that inspired a wave of evolution to music as an industry. They became staples in the community as The Smiths were a band that really began that indie sound. Innovative, Intuitive, and of great ingenuity,… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Meat The Innovation”

Classic Day -The Canvas for Creation

The White Album, quite possibly the most influential work of music to ever be produced from a band. The Beatles, while well known at this point were finally at their end, the band began to disperse through the air and it seemed the group… Continue Reading “Classic Day -The Canvas for Creation”

Classic Day – The Father of Rock and Roll

The 1970’s, a time where disco and flashing lights ran rampant, a time where the Vietnam War still raged on, a time where Rock and Roll officially became what it is today. Iggy Pop and The Stooges while still an underground band at this… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Father of Rock and Roll”

Classic Day – Cosmik Debris and Apostrophes (‘)

Crystal balls, ponchos, and yellow snow are all subjects of interest when listening to Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe. Zappa who was well known for his strange subject matter unveiled Apostrophe which was his 18th studio album released on DiscReet Records. The album was not discrete… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Cosmik Debris and Apostrophes (‘)”

Classic Day -The Dueling Duo

Madvillain is the dual conglomerate of two of the most influential artists known to hip-hop and to the rap community. MF DOOM and Madlib formed together to bring an experimental, trail-blazing album that practically ignored every way to make a hit album; there was… Continue Reading “Classic Day -The Dueling Duo”

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