Classic Day – Cosmik Debris and Apostrophes (‘)


Crystal balls, ponchos, and yellow snow are all subjects of interest when listening to Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe. Zappa who was well known for his strange subject matter unveiled Apostrophe which was his 18th studio album released on DiscReet Records. The album was not discrete however as it is constantly played on the radio for its funny satire and outstanding musical composition which makes Apostrophe an album that everyone should hear.

Apostrophe begins with one of the strangest openings to an album I have heard to this date. The lyrics “Dreamed I was an Eskimo,” still reign in my head and are the use of overflowing inside jokes for anyone else who has been able to give Apostrophe a listen. The album features of course jokes and comedic lyrics, but also has some of the most intense drum, guitar, and mallet work possible. The percussion on Apostrophe is incredible and even today, it is still regarded as a musically progressive piece.

The drums and the perfect guitar work by Zappa himself allows for some progressively interesting instrumental parts like “Apostrophe” and “Father O’Blivion” where they steal the show. Then the mallet percussion work on “St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast” create an assault of bells that strangely I enjoy. I could only imagine the laughs that the band shared as they played funky rhythms and sang about “handsome parish ladies.”

My favorite song on this album has to be hands down “Apostrophe” then followed by “Uncle Remus.” The two back to back pieces are two contrasting forms, one a hard-rock power jam that features one of the best drums and guitar solos to date. Then following “Uncle Remus” with the slowed down piano and soft background vocals that create more of an operatic themed song. Both songs work so well together because they are total opposites of each other. The whole album feels fresh and never feels like one song is ever repeated, from the quotable lines to the just sheer incredible instrumental work from the band creates one of the best classic rock albums to date. If there is ever a contender for the best classic rock album, or the album that has the best instrument use then Apostrophe could be compared to the big heavy hitters of classic rock.

Apostrophe may not have been a huge commercial album, and most people in current times are unsure of who Frank Zappa might even be, I still see him as one of the funniest story tellers of any generation.

The themes and satire he portrays and speaks of in his stories illustrate some situation that will most likely never happen, but shows the more comedic side of music. While this is most definitely not a comedy album, it can be portrayed as that and the first listen will be hard to sit through as Zappa’s style is most certainly not easy to get into. However, if you can sit through Apostrophe or any of his other releases, you’ll find one of the most talented guitar players and writers of our generation


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  1. probably the biggest frank zappa fan you’ll ever meet. check out freak out during a break up will have you laughing at your lowest moment. this actually was his biggest commercial album. the girl singing on this album was tina turner recorded at ike turners studio

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