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Classic Day – Rebuild The Cracked: Part Two

12 tracks later, disc two of The Fragile opens to a sprawling urban landscape that is triumphant but still has a twisted foundation to stand upon. As what appears to be miles and miles of coiled wires, shattered earth, and cracked pavement; Nine Inch… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Rebuild The Cracked: Part Two”

Classic Day – Shatter To Pieces: Part One

Rarely do double albums hold the attention quite like Nine Inch Nails on The Fragile. The sleek giant coming directly after the 1994 masterpiece The Downward Spiral, 1999’s the Fragile is a corrupted and depraved devotion of sound, but for entirely different reasons than… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Shatter To Pieces: Part One”

Classic Day – Stronger Set Of Chains

Where Pretty Hate Machine was a record that alternative mothers could love and really have something to dance to, the following EP, Broken is a pre-cursor to The Downward Spiral. It was the twisted stepchild who played with the worms and grew amongst the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Stronger Set Of Chains”

Classic Day – A Means To An End

As the hammer strikes down upon the steaming anvil, creating a blast of confusion for a moment; the industrial reigns take hold on the room engulfing everything in a blackened, crisp smoke. The smoke takes a similar stance to Nine Inch Nails on their… Continue Reading “Classic Day – A Means To An End”

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