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Classic Day – Revisit Remission

Originally discussed in 2017, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison was dissected in around 500 words, and for a triple album; it was nearly impossible to cover the monumental legacy the album would create. For being Harrison’s third studio, but reclaimed as his… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Revisit Remission”

Classic Day – Wild Horses

Often the epicenter of creativity, the 1970’s were an age of strange and developmental times. This was when punk rock would develop, the age of disco would become a dead and deceased breed, and the age of experimentation would take new forms. Country Life… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Wild Horses”

Classic Day – The Rebirth

George Harrison is a naturally legendary person that illustrates an immaculate sense of understanding and enlightenment in not just his personal life, but through a musical stance as well. His 1970 journey, All Things Must Pass has stuck in time for being a reflective… Continue Reading “Classic Day – The Rebirth”

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