Classic Day – The Rebirth


George Harrison is a naturally legendary person that illustrates an immaculate sense of understanding and enlightenment in not just his personal life, but through a musical stance as well. His 1970 journey, All Things Must Pass has stuck in time for being a reflective voyage of recovery, new life, and rebirth through sound.

The record is simple beautiful and touching on a sounding placement, but then shows moments of inner-working tenderness that makes All Things Must Pass an album worth returning to over and over again. Opening gracefully with “I’d Have You Anytime”, a subtle display that cherishes the sound Harrison has to offer and brings it to the foreground. Its resemblance is nearly comprised of dream-esque guitar that takes Harrison to a new level where he is able to capture rising and falling action throughout the almost crawling style. The slick guitar work from Harrison and Eric Clapton that is featured here, as well as the variety of nearly thirty total instrumentalists brings a new wave of complexity behind the surrounding depth of the record.

Harrison captures this essence behind his style and has the incredibly laid back, almost forgiving manner behind his own personality; this is transposed into his music through the use of acoustic guitars and a vocal performance throughout All Things Must Pass that is second-nature for Harrison as he harmonizes between the melodies. He connects passionately and is influential through tracks like, “Wah-Wah”, “Isn’t It A Pity”, or “If Not For You” where Harrison is stunning through these performances and ultimately captures the listener in a gentle, but calming manner. Especially on “Isn’t It A Pity” where the dramatic chords and tender movements of the electric guitars is grasping in the lightest sense of the word. All Things Must Pass becomes a memorable experience for the exact way that Harrison can put his own inspiration and personality behind his music, illustrating in the best sense a relief that everything will pass and the sun will always continue to rise.

Just as it sets however, as Harrison also directs the gentleness for “Let It Down” where the primary focus is on the fuzz infused rising action that is then settled by the pianos and the sliding electric guitar that is almost effortless sounding. When the music then escalates and becomes something stronger, Harrison can rapture through sound these cascading background vocals that move with his voice and the backing instrumentalists as well.

All Things Must Pass is also an incredibly stacked journey of sound with a remaster of over two-hours of tracks and bonus tracks, as well as original versions of “My Sweet Lord” and “Isn’t It A Pity”. It is best taken in multiple dissections as Harrison’s sound feels so empowering and embracing ultimately in a manner that reflects on his own personal life. It is a journey of passion and understanding, but also stylistic choices that are monumental in his career. All Things Must Pass is a descriptive adventure of beauty and enlightenment, that leaves the listener feeling satisfied with what is being presented.

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