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Classic Day – A Sun is Born

Tommy is an international sensation that would propel the British rock band, The Who into unknown ages of fame where their music would become a household name. The story that would grip audiences without their knowledge was the story of Tommy, a loose adaptation on a deaf, dumb, and blind boy who would become the catalyst for The Who’s strange, but prolific journey. Tommy was a record that stood out for its ability to take on the serious topics of molestation, drug abuse, and religion in a subtle manner that is entertaining, but also taps into an emotional chord as well…

STREAMING // (Track) Bill Waves – “Daffodil (Feat. Tommy)”

Prod. By: Moe The Natural // Listen Here – Soundcloud

The Show Was A Success – PT. III

Thank You to all the artists… Thank You to all the homies… Thank You… Big Shout to Javed + Serene Team, Live, and Bill Click To Enlarge  

MMM’s Musical Exhibition Pt. III – Artist Showcase III

Bill Niels is a Pittsburgh legend around the underground rap scene, working with Mac Miller and the Most Dope crew as far back as Mac goes, building his own clothing brand, “Daily Bread” up to a global status, and continuing to do live shows… Continue Reading “MMM’s Musical Exhibition Pt. III – Artist Showcase III”

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