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DJ HARRISON is a moving multi-instrumentalist that captures soundscapes of time through his music. The raw flow that he taps into and displays through his newest release, LightPower is immaculate. It is a constant shift of artistic vision that propels his music into unknown and unexpected territory.

On the various cuts through LightPower, there is a focus on the sounds of yesteryear as “Battery” has these sampled dialogue cuts and African influenced drums with offbeat smacks and rapid bass lines that give a jazz tone behind an overly noisy instrumental. The production that DJ HARRISON uses throughout the record is clean, and even while distorted at times; There is always a focus on how perfectly organized the layering is. The depth to LightPower is inviting and has an easy-to-follow adaptation behind it.

Through the fifteen total tracks, there is always an anticipation to how the next track will segue in after the last. The motions that DJ HARRISON decides to run with is at moments abrupt as he switches from “Capacitor” to “Conductor” in a way that cuts the beat out from one, quickly replacing it with another. The sense of continuing flow is disrupted through the instruments after being replaced so quickly, but keeps the momentum at a fast pace for the pianos and sliding instruments that cascade in a glorious motion. “Recorded at Jellowstone rooms 1 and 2, as well as aboard on of those fast European trains,” explains DJ HARRISON on his BandCamp page that houses LightPower. The recording style of the fast trains sounds like it is directly linked into how LightPower sounds as it reflects through these quick, but often steady tempos which resemble a train on passage.

Especially present on “CircuitBreaker”, a movement heavy track that bounces along with these hi-hat clasps and piano that is muddled behind the level of distortion and reverberation. Then as the one of the following tracks, “Diode” springs into action, the saxophone-esque synth transports DJ HARRISON to a simple beat selection on the forty-two-second space. LightPower works at its best when DJ HARRISON is commanding the percussion and other instrumentation in a full format of sound which is demonstrated well on “Filament”. The Stone Throw Veteran uses a wide resource list, but the stomping keys that move “Filament” down the path with samples that describe, “A Ghetto Prophet”, is what makes it stand out.

DJ HARRISON’s LightPower is best experienced as a long single session where the instrumentation can flow over the listener in a wonderland of new landscapes. The illustration of quick, but soulful instrumentation is a treat from DJ HARRISON in the shifting tides of ability.

Listen To LightPower Here!!! – BandCamp

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