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If Da$H is not a name that sounds familiar with A$AP Mob, $UICIDEBOY$, Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, or the hundreds of other artists that Da$H has worked with or collaborated with in the past, then underground hip-hop is a new wide door for you.

Da$H came into frame with his earliest release, ChRon Burgundy where Da$H broke into the hip-hop scene and made quick work after releasing V.I.C.E.S which hosted an impressive line-up of features and solo tracks that would propel Da$H to become a popular name in magazines and online editorials. His brash but equally enthusiastic style is where his newest project, Loose Skrew falls. The rough and jagged sense of rhyming ability slices through these muddy percussive heavy beats that push Da$H and challenge him to bring his crooked smile and even more bent lines to focus.

Through Loose Skrew, Da$H brings a heightened sense of vision for his surroundings in his music and while he spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, he can still be seen in his home state of New Jersey where New York influences his booming style switch ups. Da$H is iconic in the way that his heavily tattooed outer frame becomes inter-visionary and gives Da$H a platform on the opening cut, “Abundance”. Behind the oriental strings that are graceful, Da$H soon takes a deep dive into murk-filled waters and arises reborn from the sense of violence and the almost repugnant setting. The production in hip-hop is so immaculately important but on Loose Skrew, there is a real sense of depravity as Da$H has the charisma to live without the overhyped production. While the music that gives Da$H his platform is incredibly weighted, there is not much there to weigh him down and allows him to soar highly through the conjunction.

It is a loving relationship between Da$H and the production where “As If You Ain’t Know” begins to rattle and shake the foundation. The zoning synths that then evolve into the spacious percussion as Da$H rattles off verses that describe, “Bitch was only getting borrowed, money drowning out my sorrows. Habits make me act erratic, I’m a trapper by the static, I’m addicted to the drama”. Da$H then moves to collect from his verses on “Means”, a sucker punch of electrifying thunder where 90’s hip-hop blasts into frame and becomes this sudden jump into the deep end of darkness.

“Living life like a pirate, took it, nah I ain’t buy it. Back then they ain’t mind us, been going hard since a minor. On point like a stylus, you ain’t a thug, you a stylist…It’s Mr. Top-Tier, still the nigga who the opps fear. Lying in your raps like you got squares, I would have robbed you. Twisted mind, I’m sipping Henny out the big bottle, full throttle when it’s fast lane living”. Beginning and making up the middle of verse two on the track “Means”, Da$H is in full control and does not show much remorse as he moves along like an animal through the track. Reckless, but still fashionable as he sports the “Dead Man Walking” tattoo on his chest in bold lettering to show that he is not afraid to bear all and get his hands in the dirt.

But Da$H is not all violence or take, at moments like “Komin’ Down”, Da$H sounds lost around the wall of sound that becomes claustrophobic behind the production. He describes this hell inside his mind with, “I’m chasing these bills, making thrills. And I’m popping these pills with no consequences, so you know these drugs have been my problem since”. Or on his personal track, “Unfamiliar”, Da$H describes, “All this shit I know been unfamiliar, stuck to the floor; ain’t even thinking ‘bout the ceiling bruh”.

Loose Skrew is a shadowy-lightened pathway that Da$H takes the listener through and paints quite vividly a picture of death, despair, abuse, violence, and personal hell. But, Da$H also makes an effort to show a side of humanity, and in the end that might just be what saves him from himself.

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