Classic Day – New York Stomping


New York has a rich history of hardcore and punk music that reflected directly through the foundation of music history. There are countless bands to choose from that incorporated that rough cut, hard-hitting power of New York’s busy streets with the consistent aggression of punk music. While the bands were plentiful and the sound was overwhelming, Ed Gein’s Car became a cult favorite of cynical lyrical themes and story-telling ability that would throw a new adaptation into the harsh scene.

From the name alone, Ed Gein’s Car seems like a band of horrific obsessed musicians that pay homage to one of America’s most grisly killers.  Instead, Ed Gein’s Car uses their 1985 release, Making Dick Dance to illustrate a more humorous style to the mostly abrasive sense of hardcore music. There is very little reliance on the instrumentation that attacks and instead on the lyrical content that is both catchy and comedic at times. From Ed Gein’s Car, there is hope to change the format and dive into their own style.

Through the track listing to the lyrics themselves, there is always some sort of funny element to Ed Gein’s Car that takes multiple listens to catch on the different ways of sarcasm and odd descriptions of daily life. With the first eye-catching track “Go Down On My Dog,” with the quick one-two step beats that leads through a three verse and two chorus song set up that is catchy, but just as strange as well. “My dog’s loud and fast and skates, listens to The Damned while he licks your plate. Goes to the beach to beat up gays, goes to the clubs but he never pays.” It is questionable and based entirely on satire, but can catch a smile in the way that the band is conducted behind lead vocalist Scot Weiss. He is backed with Eric Hedin on bass and backing vocals, Tim Carroll on guitars and vocals, and percussion with Fred Argenziano.

It is the self released care and love that Ed Gein’s Car showcases throughout Making Dick Dance that strikes a personal chord with the listener and opens the studio within a new perspective. The mixing done by Andy Ebberbach and the mastering completed by Tom Coyne is impressive for a self-release however and shows a real professional quality behind a hardcore record.

Then as the band move through into “Annette,” the musical direction takes several different steps as they become more of a garage-rock focused quartet with elegant strumming guitar and a bass riff that stands out through the consistent thumping. Then through the backing chorus where Weiss is supported as he describes “Cause I still get a boner from your rocket ship tits” is cruel but creates a laugh out loud situation in their lyrical style.

Ed Gein’s Car is an exciting change in the movement and flow of hardcore as they manipulate the sound through their comedy and bring in a guest vocalist on the track, “Cream Of Wheat,” letting another additional style be taken over within their music. Tim Carroll leads the direction completely and it quickly becomes one of the more memorable tracks for the way the chorus is shifted into from the verses.

Ed Gein’s Car wraps up Making Dick Dance in a progressive self-titled track that is a feel-good closer to the odd and twisted journey. It is entirely instrumental and becomes this feedback ridden monster that finally comes to a gentle silence after the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the band.

Listen To Making Dick Dance Here!!! – Youtube (Thanks FrenchAbortion)

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