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Classic Day – Disaster Artists

While hindsight is always a perfected, crystal clear envisioning of 20/20 vision, being stuck in the moment is an entirely different story. For a band as animalistic and coined as “raw” as The Stooges, their recordings will never do the justice of energetic explosions… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Disaster Artists”

STREAMING // (Video) The Stooges – “Delta Pop Festival 1969”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Song Featured: “Not Right”

Classic Day – Two Stooges

While the record has Iggy Pop’s name on the cover, The Idiot is his first solo record since the creation and disbandment of The Stooges where David Bowie worked to sculpt a foundation for Pop to follow. This record, while in many ways is… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Two Stooges”

Classic Day – Four From Hell

Showcasing a fairly broken home of B-Movie samples and thunderous sound, White Zombie exploded into the mainstream veins with their third record, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One. While every track is incredibly similar in sound, there are moments where the meth heads monsters… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Four From Hell”

STREAMING // (Video) Iggy Pop – “James Bond”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Vocals: Iggy Pop Additional Voice: Faith Vern Trumpet: Leron Thomas Bass: Robin Sherman Drums: Thomas Glass Guitar: Ari Teitel Director: Simon Taylor Director of Photography: Rob Baker Ashton Faith Vern filmed By: James Sutton Leron Thomas Filmed By: Florian Pellissier Producer:… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Video) Iggy Pop – “James Bond””

Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster

It is the back-bending, spine-tingling, disaster artist that rose from the ashes of near death and endless obscurity that makes Iggy Pop a necessary evil in the music world. The way that his wild, animalistic performance mixed in such a deliberate and charismatic sense… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster”

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