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New Music – Reflected Glass

Angel Olsen is an artist that no matter the record can have a distinct undertone that both absorbs the blow of loneliness, but also creates a deeper layer of isolation. On her latest 11 track record, Whole New Mess is less about falling apart,… Continue Reading “New Music – Reflected Glass”

Misc. Day – Kind of Thought

Harsh rainfall leads crashes into the windowpane. As the pounding precipitation begins to pile against the glass, the gentle introduction of jazz instruments follows. The house blend of smoothing, piano bounces and snare stems start to coincide within each other, as the then graceful… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Kind of Thought”

Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster

It is the back-bending, spine-tingling, disaster artist that rose from the ashes of near death and endless obscurity that makes Iggy Pop a necessary evil in the music world. The way that his wild, animalistic performance mixed in such a deliberate and charismatic sense… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Train Ride For Disaster”

STREAMING // (Album) Antwon – “Sunnyvale Gardens”

REAL TURF // Listen Here – /iTunes

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