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STREAMING // (Album) Wiki – “Lil Me”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Features: Nasty Nigel, Hak, Jadasea, Micachu, Sporting Life, Skepta, Antwon, Jesse James Solomon, Teddy AF, Slicky Boy Producers: Madlib, Sporting Life, Black Noi$e, Black Mack, Isaiah Barr, Skywlkr, DJ Lucas, Kaytranada, Yung Gutted, Harry Fraud, Lee Bannon

STREAMING // (Tracks) Wiki – “Hands Out / Ballin On The Low”

New York Mutt with help from ‘Twon and Suspect // Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes  

STREAMING // (Video) Antwon – “Cowboy”

Throwing Doo Doo where your name is… // Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Prod. By: DJ Lucas Directed + Edited by Weird Dane Director of Photography: Roger JC Lee Special Thanks to Cowboy Attic

STREAMING // (Track) Secret Circle – “Ounce Of It”

Three Kings Return // Listen Here – BandCamp

STREAMING // (Track) Antwon – “METRO CARD GOD”

Feat. Wiki, DJ Lucas and Genesis Evans // Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Sporting Life X NYC SUAVE

STREAMING // (Album) Antwon – “Sunnyvale Gardens”

REAL TURF // Listen Here – /iTunes

Misc. Day – Show Me Love

Sunnyvale, a small Silicon Valley area near San Jose, was able to house rapper/producer/and living-sex symbol, Antwon. Antwon “cut his teeth at punk and hardcore shows. That’s not only evident when he’s making bouncers fear for their lives and flouting noise curfews. It’s an… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Show Me Love”

Personal Post – Journey in Philly

This is a slideshow that you can see… With your eyes… This is my adventure in a brand new city while I went to see one of my favorite bands ever. This is something totally different, but the usual schedule will presume with my… Continue Reading “Personal Post – Journey in Philly”

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