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Sunnyvale, a small Silicon Valley area near San Jose, was able to house rapper/producer/and living-sex symbol, Antwon. Antwon “cut his teeth at punk and hardcore shows. That’s not only evident when he’s making bouncers fear for their lives and flouting noise curfews. It’s an attitude that seeps into his work even now.” As Antwon began working with other bands, producers, and artists, Antwon became a musical mogul; spanning not only club hits, but also some beautifully crafted, rap tracks that are sure to mix the game up from just one listen.

As Antwon released his latest EP, Double Ecstasy feels like this record is a rebirth,” according to Antwon. As he contorts what makes us all feel human, covering our wants, desires, inner loves, and ultimately, our downfalls; Double Ecstasy is a shaded look into the inner psyche of Antwon, and it is a roller-coaster of emotion from start to finish.

Opening with the instant classic, “Luv” grazes upon the subject of Antwon’s adventures in the “Booty Club.” Only a rising, but forward synth creates the first few moments of sound, it is only after a short build-up where the instrumental starts to come into fruition. Antwon has a striking voice that is instantly grabbing and becomes the very-centerfold of his music. Surprisingly, Antwon challenges the instrumental and nearly overpowers it, almost creating a constant battle on Double Ecstasy.

As Antwon’s first lyrics fade into frame, the track hits a borderline between jokingly and realistic. Antwon describes on the hook, “Show me love, in the booty club. Private dance, I’mma get a hug, tidal wave, bad bitches offer drugs. I don’t care, I’m just here to fall in love.” There is a sudden censorship over the word “love,” almost implying that the word is too serious or too vulgar to be heard. In doing this, Antwon plays his cards close to his chest and reveals many other surprises through slight cues or progressive changes in his music. Antwon also describes here, “Feeling lonely, why should I begin? So I can fill a void? Feel happy just like my friends? But inside, they dying cause them drugs just kicked in.” While the breakdown is a little unfitting and takes the flow of the track out, “Luv” as a package, is a complete journey of amusement when the low, rumbling 808 bass line kicks in and Antwon is switching between chorus and verse almost effortlessly.

This is then the seguing motion to bring in a complete banger of a track, “100K.” Here, there is a twinkling chime that acts as the primary action in the instrumental, but is also rivaled with various claps in the build-up and a bouncing 808 kick drum that lays down one of the more riveting instrumentals of Antwon’s career. Here, Antwon is able to lay down some flashy lines, “Came from a lane, now I sport change…All I do is ball, all I do is spend, A freak say she likes me but it really all depends. In a world with no love, how can you not hate. La-la-laughing to the bank off dank like.” After his first verse, Antwon begins the hook of “100K,” where he makes a sudden change and the beat starts to die down, letting the focus become the, “100K a summer, on front street getting becky from a runner. She want my number, I tell her 1-800, pulling money out the bank now a nigga ballin’ with no ducats.” Happily, Antwon ends “100K” with a quick fade out, and slow build with the next track, “Girl, Flex.”

More of a track that is ominous, the instrumental is instantly sullen within the first 30-seconds. Then as Antwon starts his verse off, it becomes immediately known that this is the first love-stricken track where, Antwon will describe “A nigga died in the piece, please tell my crew,” and “Girl, Flex, it’s time to have sex.” Honestly, this track is more comical than an actual love track, and it is unsure if Antwon is being purely humorous, or actually being serious. From the near-hilarious chorus of “Put the pussy up on my neck,” and “That pussy just flex,” while Antwon is heavily breathing over the instrumental is quite amusing. I enjoy the track, but I personally think it is the weakest of all the 5-tracks on Double Ecstasy as it is taken more as a comical act, rather than what Antwon could have possibly intended.

However, the following track, “Club” is immensely rapid and becomes one of the points of Double Ecstasy where Antwon can show off his quick-witted lyrical style. Antwon describes, “She wanna hold one nut, while I smoke one blunt,” while this pounding bass line reigns behind the deep, but soothing voiced Antwon. The best section of “Club” is where Antwon is running through the chorus/ending of the track where the instrumental is going in full force and Antwon lays rapid lines where he repeats, “Might smoke K in the club, maybe now we all in the club.” Almost instantly, Antwon takes the high-energy of “Club” and transfers it into the final track of Double Ecstasy.

“DRI-FIT” is another banging style of track that relies on a pounding bass line and this oriental synth that reflects and reverbs the sound throughout the track. Antwon delivers wholeheartedly about his, “Gucci cut and I’m a bread and butter nigga, overseas I be blowin’ dope. Glasgow to the London streets with my mans, two bands I be blowin’ snow.” The instrumental as it keeps a slamming style, demands movement and wants the audience to bounce on the rising claps and get down on the bass stomps. Together, the track is immense fun and that is the theme of Double Ecstasy. As soon as the instrumentals start on each track, Antwon wants people to feel his pain, his love, and see what’s inside his deepest thoughts. It can be anything from money, to shows, or primarily sex, but Antwon takes a change and develops an amazing sound through his music. From covering topics like “booty clubs,” to “DRI-FIT T-Shirts,” Antwon proves that he deserves his own lane in rap music, a lane full of love and roses.

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