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MISC. DAY – Happy Dead Year

The first review of the new year, 2022 marks an age where Bones still reigns to be a dead captain of industry. Taking a stroll through memory lane, 2014 saw DeadBoy dropping. The 13 track project that just barely misses the 30-minute mark holds… Continue Reading “MISC. DAY – Happy Dead Year”

Misc. Day – The Marble Gates

Pearly gates just don’t cut it for Lukah, rather than climbing up to some clouds in the sky, When The Black Hand Touches You creates a temple on planet Earth. Opening the 16 track cypher through mystifying sounds, When The Black Hand Touches You… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Marble Gates”

STREAMING // (Album) LUKAH – “When The Black Hand Touches You”

Listen Here – BandCamp Produced By: CITIES AVIV, LUKAH, LIVIN, HOLLOWSOL Track List: He Went Fed, Auction, Black Cayenne, Black Coffins, Maroon Floors, Ammo/Pearl, Shutters, Negro Pie, Day Dreamin’, Virus, Spree/Filthy, Ghost, Sweaters N Summers, Black Dragon, Black Water, Stages

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