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Misc. Day – Just Walk Away

Living in a melted dreamworld may seem like it can be just a fantasy, but when embarking on SUNDUR’s debut project Somewhere There’s Music, this dream not only becomes a reality but is a fascinating blur between reality and dream. In a timid, but… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Just Walk Away”

STREAMING // (Album) Buscrates – “Blasting Off”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Anda, DJ Epik, Sally Green, Tony Ozier, JP Patterson, Kate Moe Dee, BrotherMartino Track List: Believe, Five Days, Lost And Found, Evergreen, Take A Ride, Eight-Nine, Sure Shot, How Ya Gonna Do It, Cruise Control, Turn It Out

STREAMING // (Album) Master P – “No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape”

Listen Here – Spotify/iTunes Featuring: Maine Musik, Krazy, BlaqnMild, Romeo Miller, Moe Roy, Shootie Wild, Gangsta, TEC, Peewee Longway, Kirko Bangz, Magnolia Chop, Master P, Playbeezy, Decarlo Track List: Intro, Need To Know, Real Ones, Make It Out, Still Remember, Believe, Aint Coming Down, Cursed… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Master P – “No Limit Chronicles: The Lost Tape””

Misc. Day – Surgical Diagram

Whether the audience believes in the phrase powerviolence as a genre or not, Wound Man is a concrete parallel definition to the immense dread and utter hurt that spawns from the rapid-fire tracks. Abstraction is the 2017 release under the New Bedford, Massachusetts wings… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Surgical Diagram”

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