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Living in a melted dreamworld may seem like it can be just a fantasy, but when embarking on SUNDUR’s debut project Somewhere There’s Music, this dream not only becomes a reality but is a fascinating blur between reality and dream.

In a timid, but suddenly lucid discovery, SUNDUR is the joint efforts from vocalist Savannah Lancaster and producer DJ Platurn who turns a page in the downtempo, nearly acid jazz industry of sound.

They open Somewhere There’s Music with “My Dear” that takes notes of subtle, but breathtaking instrumentation that earworms its way into the speaker. Never becoming a drowning method of style, SUNDUR gives a smooth and easy introduction to the warm but fulfilling instrumentation. Having Lancaster’s vocals over the mix is angelic and her desirable pauses that describe, “so go to sleep, go to sleep my baby” as these high notes flood becomes blissful.

Creating a yin and yang between the somewhat droning production from DJ Platurn and the simply gorgeous vocals from Lancaster makes a pattern that is not only easy to digest but creates a perfect Sunday morning. Where moments of the sun are just barely hitting the sky, oranges and pinks peel back on the title track, “Somewhere There’s Music” to give hope where there once was nothing.

Making something from the build of snares, the percussion and production on the title cut are more akin to a dinner party than any bedroom orchestration. Vocalizing over these sluggish waltz styles of play, Lancaster is able to capture the ear like a prisoner of pleasure that wants to succumb to her talents.

Other pieces like “Time Is Now” have an instrumental flow that could have a boom-bap rapper destroy on, but uses Lancaster as this conjurer of sample gold. With these chimes or bells on the production, DJ Platurn adds sporadic horns to give a real layering and depth to the piece.

Almost as an indefinite piece of progression, Somewhere There’s Music has a 40 minute run time over 12 tracks. Through these tracks, a dedication to the UGK sample that breaks this beauty and creates almost an offering to the south with the blend of percussive style and chopped instrumentation.

As a debut record for the group, Somewhere There’s Music is sanctified and is more of a treasure through each listen. When the record finally stops spinning, the wax melts to find an audience encased in sheets of silk with robes of gold tossed to the side.

Listen To Somewhere Where’s Music Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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