Misc. Day – Meat Pie With Vegemite


Cold Meat quickly earned a spot on the record rotation for being this immaculately emotional monster with their 2020 album, Hot And Flustered. That 10 track introduction was the first real meeting with the Australian punk rockers and it was love at first scream.

Now moving back a little bit into their catalog, Cold Meat has a four-track EP under the name of Jimmy’s Lipstick. While a similar animal to its bigger brother Hot And Flustered, there are reasons that set them apart from each other and create a deeper bond to the destroyers from Down Under.

Opening Jimmy’s Lipstick with a simple title, “I Hate Myself” is a tense building track that opens from the depths with drums performed by Gotti-Lotti. These drums become the pillar for Cold Meat to work upon and begin to sculpt one of the more exhilarating bursts of energy in nearly two-and-a-half minutes. The bass work that rolls over from Terrible Tim coincides with the string work from Kyle Kunt on guitars. The last final piece comes as vocalist Ashley “Ack!Ack!Ack!” Ack who is just a delight over the production.

She becomes a voice of reason that describes, “I hate myself, but I hate you more,” while the instrumentalists ramp up to be more aggressive and nearly spitting images of animalistic solidity. This coalition takes the audience and finds a space for them to fit. Whether as the punching muscle or the punching bag, Cold Meat continues to orchestrate what makes Jimmy’s Lipstick an integral potion for the ears. With each slash and dash through the bone and marrow of the piece, moments like “I Hate Myself” continue to bring back the listener for more.

More comes in the form of “Au Naturel” which is faster than the intro track and frighteningly as vicious as a razorblade explosion. The constant burning and stabbing becomes a method of ugliness for Cold Meat to burst through. It takes a moment to get accustomed to Ack’s vocals, but once they bypass the first security perimeter, Jimmy’s Lipstick is about nine minutes of porcelain destruction.

They smash and grab through the entire mix and leave little in the wake for a revival. Instead, Cold Meat takes your head and pushes it into the concrete, becoming a schoolyard bully until the audience can finally “say ‘Uncle.’”

Listen To Jimmy’s Lipstick Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes

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