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Misc. Day – Turned Tombstones

I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is a new and different type of Earl Sweatshirt. Sweatshirt through his career transformed from just a child to a man in a matter of only five years. Gone are the immature lyrics and beats, they… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Turned Tombstones”

Misc. Day – Back to The Shadows

Amy Winehouse, the immensely talented singer with a dark past that was able to refine soul music and bring it to a mainstream audience. The use of her blissful voice, tainted storytelling, and ultimately a story of despair, produced one of the greatest soul… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Back to The Shadows”

Misc. Day – Broken Bones

No Love Deep Web is the violent child of overpowering synthesizers, a dramatic vocal performance, and a primal sense of understanding. The album perfectly balances both heightened sensation and the relation to inner destruction. No Love Deep Web not only gets in your face… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Broken Bones”

Misc. Day – Yeezus Just Rose Again

The self-proclaimed genius/god, was once a single man named Kanye West. Kanye made a name for himself as just a kid from Chicago that had a dream of making it big and leaving behind a totally different life than what he lives now. What… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Yeezus Just Rose Again”

Misc. Day – Little Ol’ Me

Let’s face it, Ratking is a conglomerate of talented producers and lyricists that can bring that New York vibe to anyone who never even stepped foot in The Big Apple. Wiki steps out of the shadows of Ratking and into the spotlight with his… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Little Ol’ Me”

Misc. Day – Get A Whiff Of This

Lumpy & The Dumpers is the premier lo-fi punk band hailing from Saint Louis, Missouri. The band screams from start to finish on Huff My Sack and there really are no breaks on the album. Each track lasts almost under two-minutes excluding “Numbing Agent,”… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Get A Whiff Of This”

Misc. Day – Jewel Runners

Run The Jewels is the hip-hop collective equivalent to peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, or bacon and eggs. The perfect combination between two MC’s, both Killer Mike and El-P, that lay down some dynamite tracks, bringing both electronic and classic hip-hop elements… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Jewel Runners”

Misc. Day – A Blind Stab

The Flex is a hardcore punk band from Leeds, they draw inspiration from the heavy hitters of punk like Minor Threat, Black Flag, and even a little of Bad Religion, to bring a new era of aggression into the foreground. Their message, that they… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – A Blind Stab”

Misc. Day – The Stars Ablaze

What could be said that hasn’t already been said about David Bowie; the man was a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, producer, poet, and a larger than life musician. His newest album Black Star just recently hit the shelves last week, and actually released on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Stars Ablaze”

Misc. Day – The Divine Destruction of Gomorrah

In the book of Genesis, two cities are mentioned in its pages. Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities that are one in the same with sin and the destructive nature of the human personality. Earth Crisis captures the spirit of the destruction and the surrounding… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Divine Destruction of Gomorrah”

Misc. Day – For Life

Por Vida is the breakout debut album from Colombia’s own, Kali Uchis. Por Vida while under the Uchis name, has some collaborations from several different artists including Tyler, The Creator, BADBADNOTGOOD, Alex Epton, and even Kaytranada. Quite the impressive amount of musicians to help… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – For Life”

Misc. Day – The Power of Three

BADBADNOTGOOD’s III is a testament to how jazz is still alive and well. The genre is still shown the respect it deserves, while integrating a fresh take, allowing BADBADNOTGOOD to create one of the most interesting and exciting jazz records to date. III is… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – The Power of Three”

Misc. Day – Riding The Psychedelic Current

Currents by Tame Impala is a psychedelic rendition through a modern style of The Beatles. That is the easiest way to describe the 2015 album and the best way to describe the bands sound overall. They are like a modern day version of The… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Riding The Psychedelic Current”