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Shattering like the valves within the heart, the blood pumps through Black Marble’s 2012 record, A Different Arrangement which gives feeling of both constriction and immense space within the same dish.

Almost like two separate hands that hold two pills, one reveals a world that is drowning in atmosphere and the ability to cascade underneath the neon lights of this futuristic cyber city. Another holds the desolate and isolated walls where only one instrument sounds like a funeral for the mind.

Opening with “Cruel Summer,” Black Marble is ecstasy in the hands, releasing this endorphin rush to the body. While incredibly simple, the catchy one-two beat is easy to follow and the overpowering vocals are shadowed in comparison to the production. The balance on A Different Arrangement comes from Black Marble in the delivery as the subtly gives each listening experience a decade worth to dissect.

Especially noteworthy on a great design for being both a record of meticulous love and playlist creation, Black Marble on “A Great Design” essentially makes the blueprints for what would be an outstanding and exemplary synth-wave track.

The percussion is so gentle and it perfectly coexists within the jagged lines of imperfection. The beauty of Black Marble’s sound is the human touch, it has compassion and this real devotion to the craft. As the synths pound along, A Different Arrangement and “A Great Design” in particular continue to beg to be replayed as a one-track mixtape of nearly endless serotonin.

Later entries like “UK” are noted for their harmony in the rawness to the overly produced percussion that clashes with the easy-to-hum chiming synths. Almost the first real introduction of non-ethereal vocals, Black Marble moves into this less daunting and more touchable apparition. The phantom of the soundboard, and while the lyrics still are hard to make out through the mystifying nature of the effects on the record, “UK” is less static in the performance than other moments on A Different Arrangement.

Appearing more as a figment of a dreamscape, Black Marble taps into some of the lucid ability to shape the sound to fit a perfect fantasy. Through 11 tracks over 36-minutes, every step in the clouds comes directly from a sense of particular grace.

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