Misc. Day – Accepting Relapse


Oftentimes, a four-track EP has the difficult task of sticking a landing that can both keep the audience’s attention and spawn an aspect of interest to return again and again. With White Flowers, they perfectly capture that element of a rainy relapse into an atmosphere fueled by passion.

Within A Dream is only four tracks, using 14 minutes as the backdrop of an endless, cascading waterfall of sound. They open with the title track, “Within A Dream” that borders on the elements of a synth-wave and electronic gearshift. “Within A Dream” is enthralling almost immediately after the building by using these vocals that border on both the angelic and the ethereal. While bass notes are strummed along and computer-esque synths tap on both sides of the speakers, White Flowers blends into being isolative and somehow comforting in the same arms.

Whether arms of marble or silk, Within A Dream, moves onto “Blue May” which is a closer representation of a King Krule track sprinkled with some female vocalizations. If sinking beneath the waves of the ocean while light bleeds out becomes the setting, White Flowers becomes the Salvador Dalí of the sonic world they create.

With a stack of blues and pale tones to mix with, paint strikes the canvas as the body submerges further and further away from land. Becoming motionless in the water, “Blue May” is almost glorious in this death of sound, sparking with rotating guitar strings and sudden bass drops that create more tension than they release.

That tension breaks apart in the form of the track, “You Caught Me” where the waves pull back and the sun is revealed through the clouds. It gives more than it takes and for once, is the first genuine smile given to the audience from White Flowers.

“You Caught Me” is simply gorgeous in the right setting, a breathtaking display of production that corners the angles of being sympathetic and joyous. Quickly becoming one of the standout tracks for Within A Dream, White Flowers uses “You Caught Me” to be a vessel of grand and ornate beauty.

It appears from the changes to Within A Dream from patterns and tracing the styles of production, the record follows pace like a mountain and valley descent. It doesn’t necessarily take time to warm up to White Flowers, but when the four tracks are finally over, Within A Dream is memorable for its simple-natured seduction that transports the audience to an aquatic village built upon lucidity.

Listen To Within A Dream Here!!! – BandCamp/Spotify/iTunes

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