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Misc. Day – Absent In The Brain

As if time wasn’t confusing enough, POW! orchestrates a sound that can be placed in the style of the early 60s of experimental flower power but also stranded in a future where machinery becomes the new sonic ability. On their 2017 release Crack An… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Absent In The Brain”

STREAMING // (Album) Kahlil Blu – “STILL LONELY”

Listen Here – BandCamp Special Thanks: Saniyah, Cam, Zeroh, Cauncey, Brian, Felix, Caleb Tomin Produced By: Kahlil Blu “VICTORY” Produced Byu: Caleb Trumpet By: Tomin Track List: STILL LONELY, CALL 911, OPAL AIRLINES, WW3, UPTOWN RAGER, TIME FLIES, BUTTERFLY EFX, UZI SHRUG, HELLO, VICTORY

STREAMING // (Album) ROLE MODEL – “Oh, How Perfect”

Listen Here – Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Featuring: BENNE

STREAMING // (Video) ROLE MODEL – “Hello!”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Director: Dylan Knight DP: Ben Goodman Producer: Todd Blumberg + Cole Silberman 1st AC: Oliver Lukacs Steadicam: Travis Plante Gaffer: William Christensen Key Grip: Adam Siler Colorist: Logan Highlen PA: Gavin Blasier Title: Samm McAlear FX: Marcd.co/Jake Pfahl + Malu Marzarotto… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Video) ROLE MODEL – “Hello!””

Misc. Day – Cheetah Print Guts

Something about the prosperity of music through the internet is fascinating, the way that artists can connect ideas from entirely different parts of the world and form these stages that were once thought impossible. To see Richmond, Virginia which would have never been on… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Cheetah Print Guts”

New Music – Three-Man Weave

Energy within music is something that cannot be achieved artificially, it relies entirely off the desire to create and destroy within the realms of instruments and vocals. With Injury Reserve, their newest self-titled record Injury Reserve is an in-depth look at just how irreplaceable… Continue Reading “New Music – Three-Man Weave”

Classic Day – Load Up The Bus

Just a mere two years before the legendary Woodstock would breach the scene as one of the greatest innovations in musical events, The Beatles would step foot into a lengthy tour, movie, and adventurous deal. Magical Mystery Tour was something of legends, taking the… Continue Reading “Classic Day – Load Up The Bus”

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