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STREAMING // (Album) BLUEPRINT – “Sophisticated Ignorance”

Listen Here – BandCamp Track List: Veil, Copycat, Drown, Decay, Thirst For Power, Freedom, Nail In The Coffin, Point The Finger, Y.D.K.M., My Own Way, Fiction

STREAMING // (Album) UNiiQU3 – “Heartbeats”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: R3LL, SJAYY, DJ K-Deucez, + Dai Burger Mixed+ Mastered By: Sean Canzius Photography By: Andy Mac Design By: Morgan Hislop Track List: Shame On Me, Unavailable, Microdosing, Drown, Touch, What Chu Waiting For?

Misc. Day – Global Gale

Who knew that annihilation could be so much fun! In 2013, Texas’s big beat, Power Trip combines the call back to an iconic thrash sound with a new age wonder of crushing oppression with each thunderous axe kick. Their debut record with Southern Lord… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Global Gale”

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