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STREAMING // (Album) CORPUS – “CORPUS Mutual Aid EP – Side B”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Owen Manure, Twisted Thing, WIFIGAWD, ACEMO, Taphari, Urochromes, Lucy, Chris Wardlaw, TrippJones, Edgar The Beat Maker Track List: Calamity Jane, 1 For Da 4, Love Me Tender, No Good, Rentboy, ILYIMY, Precise Strike, Slumped Again

STREAMING // (Track) Taphari – “Minding My Business”

Listen Here – Youtube/Spotify/Amazon/iTunes Lyric Video By: SIFA

STREAMING // (Video) Marc Bianco – “Fyrefest”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring: Taphari Directed By: Robin Watine Cinematographer: Angelo Marques Fashion Design: Naomi Ollivier Clothing: Prototype Vintage Produced By: WATFILM


ON THIS PAGE YOU CAN CLICK ANY OF THE PHOTOS, TEXT, OR TITLES FOR A LINK TO THE POST WHERE I WROTE A REVIEW FOR THE ALBUM… More of a Top 11; but as I look back into this year and look through this… Continue Reading “TOP TEN LIST – BEST OF 2019 FOOLS”

STREAMING // (Video) Taphari – “Stingy”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: pH Graphics + Editor: Sifa https://sifa.software Shot By: Andy Frenchtoast + William Guzmon Hair + Makeup: Keiko Canada

Misc. Day – Surface Subway

New York City holds the key to such a wide arrangement of artists from all walks and styles, from the gritty underbelly of hip-hop to the sunny mansions of pop-rock. Everything in the city somehow comes back to the history of New York’s fascination… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Surface Subway”

STREAMING // (Track) Ceno NYC – “Ceno Mix Vol. 59 – Taphari ‘Firelord Phari'”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

New Music – New York Prophet

Rarely does an original sound orchestrate an on-going tidal wave of raw, emotional madness through lyrical and digital ink. MIKE is a true New York balancer that transcends the simplicity of 16’s and a hook; his newest work War in My Pen is as… Continue Reading “New Music – New York Prophet”

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