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ON THIS PAGE YOU CAN CLICK ANY OF THE PHOTOS, TEXT, OR TITLES FOR A LINK TO THE POST WHERE I WROTE A REVIEW FOR THE ALBUM… More of a Top 11; but as I look back into this year and look through this…

New Music – Kolorfully Kawaii

“All of my life I’ve been a crab in a bucket,” describes the uplifted Choo Jackson on his newest record Anime 2. The positive reflections that follow behind him are frequent as if he looks into the world’s often cold eyes and can smile…

STREAMING // (Video) Aminé – “REEL IT IN”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Directors : Adam Aminé Daniel + Jack Begert Producers : Sam Canter + Angel Rosa Production Manager : Peter Da Silva Production Coordinator : Julia Rudy 1st AD : Erik Mateo 2nd AD : Anthony Hayward Director of Photography : Ben…

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