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STREAMING // (Album) CORPUS – “CORPUS Mutual Aid EP – Side B”

Listen Here – BandCamp Featuring: Owen Manure, Twisted Thing, WIFIGAWD, ACEMO, Taphari, Urochromes, Lucy, Chris Wardlaw, TrippJones, Edgar The Beat Maker Track List: Calamity Jane, 1 For Da 4, Love Me Tender, No Good, Rentboy, ILYIMY, Precise Strike, Slumped Again

STREAMING // (Album) Pachyderm – “Two Set Theory”

Listen Here – BandCamp Cover art by Peter Zurawsky

STREAMING // (Album) Pachyderm – “Verge”

Performed by Pachyderm, whose personnel is: Ethan Mackowick – acoustic and electric guitar, vocals Max Klemmer – bass guitar, vocals Jaxon Stunden – electric guitar, vocals Remy Erkel – drums, acoustic guitar on “Spend The Night” Nico Sleator – keys With help from: Augie… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Pachyderm – “Verge””

STREAMING // (Album) Chris Travis – “WATERSZN”

Water God // Soundcloud

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