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STREAMING // (Album) Mach-Hommy – “DUCK CZN: Chinese Algebra”

Listen Here – Spotify Produced By: Tha God Fahim Featuring: Denmark Vessey Track List: King Georgie, Cardio, Diamond Exchange, Blackamoor Brooch, Quintuple Black, Hut One, Borlette, Closer, Winchester Skates

Misc. Day – Hooked On Mach-Phonics

It started as this cult obsession over who was becoming the new favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. While MF DOOM and the likes of Jay-Z held those titles for what appears to be years, Mach-Hommy as a newcomer to sound is this generation’s golden lion.… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Hooked On Mach-Phonics”

STREAMING // (Video) Mach-Hommy – “NO BLOOD NO SWEAT”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Directed By: The Daily Gems

STREAMING // (Video) Mach-Hommy – “Folie Á Deux”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Featuring: Westside Gunn + Keisha Plum Directed By: Daily Gems

New Music – Python Trench Coat

Only in the depths of hip-hop threads through online forums and the dreams of rap fans could something like Pray For Haiti exist in the material world. One of the hardest to track artist, Mach-Hommy is elusive but brings Westside Gunn in as a… Continue Reading “New Music – Python Trench Coat”

STREAMING // (Track) Mach-Hommy – “The Stellar Ray Theory”

Listen Here – Youtube Full Release On: 05/21/2021

STREAMING // (Album) Mach-Hommy – “Mach’s Hard Lemonade”

Listen Here – Spotify Featuring: Earl Sweatshirt, Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, Navy Blue, Young Queenz, Tvoy Track List: SBTM (Sweeney Been Told Me), Soon Jah Due, Marshmellow Test, Smoked Maldon, Photocopy Sloppy (Dump Fraud), Pour House, Clout Dracula (Remix), Squeaky Hinge, NJ Ultra

STREAMING // (Track) Mach-Hommy – “THBLKGD”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

STREAMING // (Album) Mach-Hommy – “Fete Des Morts AKA Dia De Los Muertos”

Listen Here – Mach-Hommy’s Website/Spotify/iTunes Featuring: JuJu Gotti, Kungg Fuu Production By: Earl Sweatshirt, Navy Blu Track List: Henrietta LAX, TTFN, Embarrassment Of Riches, Basin Bleu, Carpe DM, Manje Midi, Bride Of The Water G-d, THEJIGISUP

STREAMING // (Track) Mach-Hommy – “Clout Dracula”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify

Misc. Day – Stupid Games

Mach-Hommy is almost this rap-game phantom of the opera appearing only in the darkest corners as a shining redemption that stems from the mask. This Haitian flag bandana might be the first glimpse of what the internet could gather around for his endorsements by… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – Stupid Games”

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