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Only in the depths of hip-hop threads through online forums and the dreams of rap fans could something like Pray For Haiti exist in the material world. One of the hardest to track artist, Mach-Hommy is elusive but brings Westside Gunn in as a curator to the world of color that Pray For Haiti becomes.

The 16 track record is not entirely long and feels weighted enough to stand and not overstay the welcoming. For Westside Gunn who frequents fashion, art, and pushing a boundary; recruiting the iron-shake of hands between himself and Mach-Hommy is on levels of Predator for grips.

Opening with “The 26th Letter,” the subtle jungle march of drums and repetitious horns are bravadoes, but more fit for a funeral of guerilla warfare. Mach-Hommy who is no stranger to the desolate and despair of production; he delivers some perfected lines of call-outs and eventually shouts to the backing for hype.

Illustrating, “Talking big weight and barely sold no chronic, turn them 40 Below’s to  Manolo Blahnik’s. It’s crazy what you can do with some old Polo and Ebonics, mixed with a little of that Mach-phonics.” These two line set-ups here are rapid to become one of the more repeatable raps from the initial listen, but grows to be one of the standout collections of sound from Mach-Hommy.

As Pray For Haiti continues on, Mach-Hommy becomes insightful and reflects this ancient wisdom that reflects back to his famous words of, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” The first track to feature Westside Gunn as a verse and Keisha Plum is “Folie Á Deux” with an instrumental that glimmers like blood diamonds on the chandelier.

Similar to Pray For Paris in forms of production, “Folie Á Deux” is quick to catch the ear like a precious gemstone to the eye, but leaves room for a destructive nature to cover on the verses. With Westside Gunn orchestrating over bass runs and chiming keys, “Ayo, Extravagant gat, ravishing” while being dripped in Palm Springs like a new angel to the murals.

As the internet tries to unravel Mach-Hommy’s verses, his voice is really something that needs to be commended here on Pray For Haiti as he really comes into his own and matches his outstanding persona in delivery.

As tracks pile on like shells from the Armed Forces of Haiti, Mach-Hommy packs relative and illustrative wordplay instruments between the metal bars of iron and the gunpowder behind bombs. In any way, Pray For Haiti is a project that quickly becomes a contender for one of the best experiences of the year, leaving Jean-Jacques Dessalines to be proud of his Haitian brother Mach-Hommy.

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