Misc. Day – Stupid Games


Mach-Hommy is almost this rap-game phantom of the opera appearing only in the darkest corners as a shining redemption that stems from the mask. This Haitian flag bandana might be the first glimpse of what the internet could gather around for his endorsements by hip-hop’s finest but then stay for the immaculate storytelling ability and persona of a young Henri Christophe.

Standing above the coastline and looking down at his kingdom, Mach-Hommy is many favorite rapper’s favorite rapper for the way he creates a conflict within his wordplay and the illustrious production choices. On his 2019 project Wap Konn Jòj!, there is this quote that floats around in the head of the audience far after the record has ended. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” describes the hook of “Mozambique Drill” featuring Tha God Fahim. Over these samples that lay the foundation like brick, Wap Konn Jòj! is an 18-minute, 7-track shotgun of surgical magnificence and significance even over the short run time.

On the following self-titled track “Wap Konn Jòj,” Mach-Hommy takes the center stage and spends most of the track singing along to the repetitive hook that describes, “The only one to blame is you… fuck nigga” with this lingering on the A vowel that appears to drag off into the next lines. It is a record that transitions well, creating a constant flow of motion with an endless cycle. As “Eedeot Bwoy” begins and features both Tha God Fahim and Your Old Droog, it is this jump into the pit of real rap collectives.

It is this round table imagining that dawns Quelle Chris, Tha God Fahim, Your Old Droog, and Earl Sweatshirt as they sit and plug their verses onto the record. Mach-Hommy appears to be selective, but continuous with his feature choosing and that plays into the action of Wap Kon Jòj!. It is difficult to imagine tracks like “Mittrom” without the Earl Sweatshirt feature as the track opens with a short, but well-lived verse that claps back into Hommy’s hands. With this word scramble of “See the law of averages, see the crystal ball?.. you ain’t even on my planet yet, how you even on?” as Hommy shoots back toward the listener in this display of dominance.

With Wap Konn Jòj!’s horizon starting to fade and then the inevitable silence that approaches the listener moves forward, Mach-Hommy stands almost as living folklore. He is a colorful character that not only can construct an authentic touch to an often very distance genre without trying too hard. While most people break their necks for an inch of space in music, Mach-Hommy plays osselets and keeps his distance.

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