Misc. Day – Hooked On Mach-Phonics


It started as this cult obsession over who was becoming the new favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. While MF DOOM and the likes of Jay-Z held those titles for what appears to be years, Mach-Hommy as a newcomer to sound is this generation’s golden lion.

Championing his Haitian background with a respect for his brother Tha God Fahim, Mach-Hommy is as illustrative as he is mysterious on Mach’s Hard Lemonade. Quickly squeezing fresh pressed into the wax for $500 vinyl, Mach-Hommy captures the ingredients necessary for a global takeover.

Opening on “SBTM (Sweeney Been Told Me),” the instrumentation is gorgeous and warm enough to be fitting for the new age of swing under the guise of John Coltrane. As the intensely warm horns and stutter-steps of cymbal ride hits fill the speakers, Mach-Hommy becomes this speeding bullet train of lyrical descriptions.

Rattling off lines that describe, “I taught an old dog a new trick now he actin’ like he ain’t learn it from the Dump Dawg.” Setting a tone for a method that is unlike any other artist currently, that Haitian bandana is more iconic than originally perceived.

As the following track, “Soon Jah Due” floods into the ears; Mach-Hommy gives nuggets of wisdom without revealing too much. He illustrates, “You old enough to cross the street, you old enough to get hit.” Animalistic without ever having to bare teeth, Mach’s Hard Lemonade demands respect from a throne made of wicker that Huey P. Newton would find comforting. As each track marches down the line, Mach-Hommy continues to spin the idea of how rap can be manipulated as a teaching tool.

On the track “Clout Dracula (Remix),” Mach-Hommy rhymes like an angel of death over this miraculous beat. The David Axelrod-esque synths are sharpening on the ears, creating a knife to the temple. The intensity continues to push pressure on the head as the rumbling of snares and heavy bass kick attacks, making a pedestal for Mach-Hommy.

He illustrates before the several guest verses, “I ain’t never had your name in my mouth my dog, finding out you keep my name in your mouth my dog.” As one-liners become bookends for most artists, Mach-Hommy publishes an entire novel of perfected one-liners to repeat far after the track has ended.

And that is the majority of a theme for not just Mach’s Hard Lemonade, but for each drop coming from the Newark Conqueror. Whether on the East Coast of the U.S. or recording somewhere in the sands; it’s impossible not to see the genius and desire to create from Mach-Hommy.

Listen To Mach’s Hard Lemonade Here!!! – Spotify/iTunes

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