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WeekOfBones – KeyboardLord

Bones has managed to build an empire through music, clothing, art, and now even shoes; The jack of all trades now only continues to improve with his newest musical release, Unrendered. An 18-track, 40-minute masterpiece of ethereal styled music, stomach-churning production, and Bones’ ghastly,… Continue Reading “WeekOfBones – KeyboardLord”

WeekOfBones – LaidInTheTrash

Bones, the hardest working man of the underground springs into action with a strong, and well awaited return from the darkness with Garbage, a 16-track mixtape of both gentle waters and rough storms. Bones swings hard, and spits harder with a focus on making… Continue Reading “WeekOfBones – LaidInTheTrash”

WeekOfBones – LostItAll

Surrenderdorothy is the collaborative efforts of SESH members, Bones and Greaf. Together, the two have a successful career in their own solo music projects, even working as partners through production on several of Bones tracks so it would only make sense to finally create… Continue Reading “WeekOfBones – LostItAll”

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