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STREAMING // (Video) Bones – “ChatLog”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: greaf Shot By: Marcus Connelly

STREAMING // (Album) Greaf – “Here’s To A Better Tomorrow”

Listen Here – Download (MediaFire) Track List: Cellophane, Square One, I’ll Get Over It, While It Lasted, Could Not Be Me, Keep The Change, Tell Me Something, Stick Around, Straight Ahead, Aim Lower, Hell Smile, Blame It On Me, Bonus One, Bonus Two, Bonus Three,… Continue Reading “STREAMING // (Album) Greaf – “Here’s To A Better Tomorrow””

STREAMING // (Track) SurrenderDorothy – “cantsayididnttry”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

Misc. Day – バンシー

Bones has spent years adapting to the woodlands known as musical landscapes and has been able to circumvent the exclusivity of a record contract, creating his own trail through the darkened wilderness. Sometimes by gaslight, sometimes by burning campfires, Banshee is Bones’ versatile predator-prey… Continue Reading “Misc. Day – バンシー”

STREAMING // (Album) Bones – “OFFLINE”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: Juicy J + Ralph Castelli Producers: Mark Sinclair, Smitty The BG, Lyson, Ralph Castelli, Greaf, Ka-Meal, SecretiveSuicide, Skaleaton

STREAMING // (Video) Bones – “ArentYouASightForSoreEyes”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Greaf Directed By: Daniel Behrens Starring: SupportTrees, JohnLife, Tyrus Creek, + B.G_i

STREAMING // (Album) Bones – “KickingTheBucket”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes Producers: Greaf, The Virus and Antidote, Fleece, Curtis Heron, Lyson, Teval, Deergod

STREAMING // (Album) Bones – “UnderTheWillowTree”

Listen Here – Soundcloud/Spotify Artwork Cover By: PEACEDZN Producers: Greaf, The Virus And Antidote, Musa, Fleece, Shawn, Grayera, Blanco Billions, Ghost/\/Ghoul, Fameless, Cat Soup, Drew The Architect, DeerGod, Vegard, Xisrupt

STREAMING // (Album) Surrenderdorothy – “JustWhatTheDoctorOrdered”

Listen Here – Soundcloud

STREAMING // (Track) Bones X Xavier Wulf – “LifeAsAMelody”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Greaf

STREAMING // (Album) GREAF – “River City Wizard”

Listen/Download Here – MediaFire (Download)/Youtube (Unofficial)

STREAMING // (Video) Bones – “WatchingPaintDry”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Greaf  

STREAMING // (Video) surrenderdorothy – “heldaghost”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Directed, Shot & Edited by Daniel Behrens Produced by Greaf Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?ckbwkx5le8…  


The Ghost Strikes Again // Listen Here – MediaFire (Download)

STREAMING // (Album) Greaf – “I Know…”

From The Dungeon // Listen Here – Mediafire (Download)

STREAMING // (Track) surrenderdorothy – “funnyhowthatworks”

Thankyoubonesandgreaf // Listen here – Soundcloud

WeekOfBones – LostItAll

Surrenderdorothy is the collaborative efforts of SESH members, Bones and Greaf. Together, the two have a successful career in their own solo music projects, even working as partners through production on several of Bones tracks so it would only make sense to finally create… Continue Reading “WeekOfBones – LostItAll”

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