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STREAMING // (Video) Fifty Grand – “Forgot What I Loved About This Place Pt. 1”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: Fifty Grand + Hellion of Red Mirror Directed By: Fifty Grand + Attic Plants Filmed By: Alicia Afshar

STREAMING // (Track) BOOTYCHAAAIN -“Catchin Flights”

Listen Here –  Soundcloud/Spotify/iTunes Featuring: Fifty Grand Produced By: Out By 16

STREAMING // (Video) Fifty Grand – “Necklace”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Director: Fifty Grand Creative Director + Producer By: Attic Plants Producer + Editor: Will Mason Talent: Ogechi Onuigbo Makeup: Thirati K Colorist: Corey Vent DP: Kelsey Talton 1st AC: Samantha Kelly 2nd AC: Dave Picci Gaffer: Phil Jackson PA: Ernesto Roche

STREAMING // (Track) Bones X Fifty Grand – “DyingLight”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Cat Soup

STREAMING // (Album) Cat soup X Drew The Architect X Grayera – “Radiopague”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: Fifty Grand + Bones

STREAMING // (Track) Fifty Grand – “We Can Build You”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring Percussion From: HELLION

STREAMING // (Video) Fifty Grand X Kodyak – “On Mourning”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Video Shot & Edited By: Hightosis Creative Direction and Style By: Attic Plants

STREAMING // (Track) Fifty Grand – “Dedication Chant”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube/SoundCloud Video Shot + Edited By: Hightosis Produced By: Ghost Styled By: Attic Plants  

STREAMING // (Track) Night Lovell – “BAD KID”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Ginseng & Fifty Grand

STREAMING // (Track) redm1rror – “BENT”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Featuring: Craig Xen Produced By: prxz, ginseng, hellion, Kellbender Vocals By: King Yosef, FIFTY GRAND Art By: Hightosis

STREAMING // (Track) FIFTY GRAND – “Oh Yea!”

Listen Here – Soundcloud Produced By: Kodyak + Ghostrage

STREAMING // (Video) FIFTY GRAND – “Fable”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Produced By: KELLBENDER + FIFTY GRAND Filmed By: KELLBENDER

STREAMING // (Track) Fifty Grand X Bones – “IntraCloud”

Listen Here – SoundCloud Art by Hightosis

STREAMING // (Video) Fifty Grand X Kellbender – “Daytime Dies”

Listen/Watch Here – Youtube Written and performed by Fifty Grand Produced by Kellbender and Fifty Grand Edited by Kellbender

STREAMING // (Album) Ghost/\/Ghoul – “Ghost In The Mirror”

Listen Here – Soundcloud