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Bones has spent years adapting to the woodlands known as musical landscapes and has been able to circumvent the exclusivity of a record contract, creating his own trail through the darkened wilderness. Sometimes by gaslight, sometimes by burning campfires, Banshee is Bones’ versatile predator-prey connection to the fascination with ghostly apparitions.

With a majority of TeamSESH producers covering the main mapping of the project, this leaves Bones to work in a skeleton hand over catchy instrumentation. With “TheDifferenceBetweenUs,” Banshee showcases this approachability while still maintaining a distance. Almost as if it was a foreboding cabin in the woods, Bones on “TheDifferenceBetweenUs” illustrates, “We could stop, drop, and roll forever, cause fires happen no matter the weather. You can hope for the best but you know the worst might come. Just leave my body somewhere dark, leave all my things in a box on the porch.” The fine mix of 808 percussion that clashes with the rattling hi-hats are a bright mix that co-exists within Bones’ depressed delivery.

Often filled with tracks consisting of single verses, this era of Bones is reflective with only a single piece reaching over the three-minute mark. A format that allows 13 tracks to be pushed over 29 minutes. One of the more bombastic tracks, “TheHandOfTheWitch” is a chilling instrumental that is both cold and destructive. The way that producer StereoRYZE can pin together these 808 patterns that shatter glass and a build-up through striking synth keys is the climax of a horror show. Where the evil finally reveals itself, Bones on “TheHandOfTheWitch” is able to form closer to shouts as he describes, “Motion fluid like oceans, got ‘em all wondering what’s the commotion. Look all they see is a corpse that’s smoking, till I turn Bones and I show ‘em who own it.”

Where Banshee is a solid mix of both poetry and splashes of fire over crisp production, the record as a whole can be boiled into one of the strongest releases from Bones currently. Especially shown on the track “42Carats” that is less about orchestrating damage and more about honing on production. Bones is able to describe over his hook, “Every time I turn around I see the same thing, I see the same faces I see the same names,” as Greaf forms both a push and pull on the instrumentation. This combination that has been present in TeamSESH as a steel handed partnership, Bones and Greaf are simply mesmerizing.

The ghost floats through the forest as if there was nothing touching it, similar in a way that Bones can cascade over these tracks and format a treasure trove on Banshee. Working as his third release of 2015 before April was over, the hardest working skeleton continues to impress even after the initial bonfire has faded out.

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