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Bones, the hardest working man of the underground springs into action with a strong, and well awaited return from the darkness with Garbage, a 16-track mixtape of both gentle waters and rough storms. Bones swings hard, and spits harder with a focus on making his refined, “SESH” sound come into frame more and more with each release but truly finds a special place with Garbage. From the instant, memorable tracks like “.EXE,” “LinksysBroadbandRouter,” and “Corduroy,” Bones makes a lasting impression from the start and proves that he is more flexible, more adaptable, and more improved than ever.

When the first piano chords of “TheReturnOfThePimp” start up, Garbage instantly launches into one of Bones best produced and lyrical performances to date. Not only is the sampled piano a welcome addition and steady opener, but the enhanced bass that cranks out in combination of the snare and hi-hat is wonderful. The then added depth of the sampled screams when the bass first appears is startling, but manages to put a smile on your face. Bones has always had a way to create his own interesting style of production and has been able to make an impression on all of his near 50-mixtape tracklisting. When Bones enters with the microphone, his lines are everlasting and are quotable as well. Bones begins, “People always talk about my come up, cause I been going hard every summer. Pussy wanna talk about numbers, but you manage to buy them. That’s why your shows so bummy, ain’t nobody out now that can touch us.” Even within most of the tracks only reaching nowhere over a four-minute mark, Bones gets in and ransacks before anyone can understand exactly what is happening.

The songs switch frequently, but this adds to Bones style and is similar to his other mixtapes. On Garbage, Bones proceeds through the first five-tracks without reaching a ten-minute mark, and while the changes are mostly sudden; This makes the tracks feel less like a filler, and more as a complete project. Rather than dragging out multiple verses and hooks, Bones uses a punk rock style where tracks are mostly aggressive, mostly intense, and have a large amount of passion instilled in each one. From the track “LinksysBroadbandRouter” where Bones describes technology and Wi-Fi uses,” Four bars, Mac fully charged, Young DSL, it’s the Wi-Fi lord. Network browsing, PayPal piling, Bones get violent and leave when it’s silent.” Bones then proceeds to say, “Upload, download, baby if you down for, Me, like the Dow Jones, hold me like a dial tone.” His wordplay is incredibly clever and the way that he can make a rhyme about something as simple as Wi-Fi shows that Bones takes a lighthearted approach to writing, but a serious approach to rhyming.

Even when Bones is not rapping or creeping in the midnight hours of the night, he is instead trading bars for lyrics like on the following track, “LayMeInTheRiver” is one that brings Bones to a subject of his “Self-hate in my veins while she twisting up my braids… Fuck a job, fuck a gown, we ain’t never leaving Howell; But a lot of things changed since CCD.” Bones provides the same monotone approach to his lyrical style during his verse, but he switches up the production which is laid down by HNRK and eventually leaps into the chorus where he lets his voice reign through the mostly broken down sounding instrumental. Bones sings, “…Is how great lie seemed when we were broke, no money, no food, no weed to smoke. But the money here and we got the dope, and we always eat but I feel alone.” Even adding a personal touch, Bones moves from “LayMeInTheRiver” to then the similar styled “OrderWhatYouWantIWillTakeThePerpperonisOff”. While incredibly silly for a track name, Bones actually makes use of the quick track to explain his dope use, “All my money go to dope, even if money coming slow, I still find a way to smoke…Bones rolling up them petals then I’m back to my vessel, Haven’t showered in a week, nothing special ‘bout me.” The creeping instrumental is a lovely fit, but Bones makes a true statement on the following track, “FreeComplimentaryGiftWithPurchase”.

Another track that only spans near a minute and thirty-seconds, “FreeComplimentaryGiftWithPurchase” is a mostly atmospheric, hi-hat focused track where Bones explains, “Did a couple shows, now you think that you could match us. Throw you in the pit, now you never get back up.” Bones always makes a statement against any competition on his flows and his chorus of, “Why you scared, bitch? Why you looking scared?” is intimidating, but coincides well with the instrumental that supports his lyrics. Bones then moves onto one of the shining, string of tracks on Garbage, “Corduroy,” “IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou (Ft. Spooky Black),” “.EXE,” and “YouCanTellAlotAboutAManByTheNeckOfHisShirt.” These tracks are essential in making garbage sound completely well rounded and are able to perfectly grasp what Bones’ sound is like in only four tracks.

These four tracks make sudden jumps from the head banging anthem of “Corduroy” where Bones enters his own rhyme scheme of including a GTA cheat code, to the intense moments of him screaming into the microphone. Bones explains, “Thoughts in my mind, like the dirt in my graves. So I press my head to the wall till it breaks…” to the infamous, “I break blunts like glass when you get the banshee, R2, R2, L1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right, then I get to bangin’.” Moving on from Bones sheer rap antics, “IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou” is a beautiful track that truly is magnified by the use of Spooky Black’s feature.

Bones is actually missing for most of “IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou” and while his presence is thin, when he appears, he makes a substantial entry with shouts over the gentle, dreamscaped instrumental. The two together make for a perfect combination of aggression and soft-spoken style that it is almost a punch in the face to see Bones yelling, but sets the mood for the following, “.EXE.” One of the hardest hitting tracks on Garbage, “.EXE” is a strong willed jump into a mass of blinking synth keys and a smacking bass that brings the 808’s to their knees. It is incredible, and easily one of the best releases off of Garbage. Following right behind is “YouCanTellAlotAboutAManByTheNeckOfHisShirt,” a track that relies on an acoustic guitar and Bones wits to pass through an easily repeatable track. From the lines where Bones explains, “Dirty old shoes but I get clean money, when you getting money don’t care about nothing, still I know that I don’t mean nothing…” to the best line of the track where Bones explains, “Watch out who you dissing, I don’t say a word, you just wind up missing.”

Bones has always had an upper hand in word play and has proven over his long spanning career that he will be able to stay in his own style but continually adapt to whatever situation he builds for himself. From the dirty rivers of Michigan to the desolate roads of Los Angeles, Bones can be anywhere at anytime and still find a way to make that place his own.

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